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Moraff's World [UPD] Full Version Download

We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available.Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentation when possible. If you have additional files to contribute or have the game in another language, please contact us!

Moraff's World Full Version Download


TAB was updated in October 2011. TAB is available for download at the HomePage: Join the TAB Email Group: _IF_CREATOR/ Discussion at the TAB Forum: TADS/WinTADS Adventures TADS v1.2 + Ditch source TADS v2.1 + Ditch Day Drifter source TADS v2.2 Source Code TADS Manual TADS 2.2 HTML Manual TADS v2.51 TADS Manual - again! - in WRI format TADS Utilities - adhint, answerme, askabout, brackets, clothing, cmdprmpt, d2array, ddialog, demo22, eliza, footnote, funcs, goto, instruct, jeffslib, music, shoc, surface, tads.tip-sheet, timedisp, and water. Plus PC-GO32_, a compiler and runtime to allow you to use your extended memory. See article in Issue 42 for more details of these files. WinTADS v1.1.1 + Golden Fleece Wizard Toolkit v1.2 for TADS 2.1 and up - plus TextOut 1.1, VeriVerb 1.0 and WorldClass +=3 + Aayela + Tyler's Great Cube Game + Silence of the Lambs + Modernisms + The Singular, and Historically Inaccurate, Misadventures of Nobeard: Would-be Scourge of the Caribbean Losing Your Grip + Glowgrass FooM + The Pesach Adventure + Ski Adventure + The Underoos that ate New York + Undo Everyone Loves a Parade for WinTADs + George is a Friend (TextFire Inc Demo) Small World 2 + Everyone Loves a Parade 2044 Stormtrooper Alice (source code only) Alien Abduction Babel (release 2) Broken String, The Colossal Cave Revisited (175K) Colossal Cave Revisited version 2.0G (225K) Consider the Tortoise Damp Camp Deep Space Drifter Ditch Day Drifter Djinn Dragon Resources Story - needs HTML TADS (130k) Dungeon (TADS port) Enhanced Escape from the Arboretum Evolution Firebird v1.0, an interactive retelling of a Russian folk tale March 98 Frenetic Five Frenetic Five - WinTADS version Frobozz Magic Support (172K) Frustration (Blue screen version Frustration (B&W version) GC: A Thrashing Parity Bit of the Mind Golden Fleece, The (see also original text version) Golden Skull, The Great Archeological Race, The Gerbil Riot of '67 Hero Inc: Calling All Heros (164K) Hi-Tech Drifter + source code Holy Grail, The - author Jim MacBrayne, Oct 1995 port to TADS Holy Grail, The- author Jim MacBrayne, v1.01 release 960227 (I assume this is Feb 96) Horror of Rylvania - demo Horror of Rylvania (242k) John's Fire Witch Kissing the Buddha's Feet Legend Lives! The Lethe Flow Phoenix Lost Magic Realms: The Sword of Kasza Maiden of the Moonlight Mission, The Myth Night in the Museum Forever, A Obscene Quest of Dr Aardvarkbarf, The One That Got Away, The Past Tense including source code PC University Perdition's Flames Sea of Night Second Pit, The - TADS - author Sue Medley (223k) Shadowland 1: The Tower of Tron Small World Sunset over Savannah - Winner XYZZY 1997 Toonesia Trinity Underoos that Ate New York, The Undertow (216K) Urban Cleanup Uncle Zebulon's Will Unnkulian One Half + demo for Unnkulia Zero Uunkulian Unventure 2 (273K) Uunkulia Zero Veritas Waystation Wormhole, The Beginning The Second Pit - GAM file - author Sue Medley (277k) WinFrotz (see also Inform) WinFrotz plus Zork, The Undiscovered Underground - WinFrotz can be used to run Inform games in a Windows environment. As part of their release of Zork Grand Inquisitor, Activision gave away copies of Zork: The Undiscovered Underground, a text-only prequel written by Marc Blank and Mike Berlyn. This was the first text-only interactive fiction game released by any of the original authors in 10 years. Welcome to Zork: The Undiscovered Underground! The year is 1066. You are a Private, Seventh Class, in the Inquisition Guard. After being relieved by Earl at the Port Foozle Inquisition Gift Kiosk, you find yourself standing in the Headquarters of Frobozz Electric. Gesticulating in front of you is the Pastor of Disaster, the Minister of Sinister, the Grand Inquisitor. It appears he has a very special mission for you ... Other Text Adventures (mostly!) The Legacy of the Necromancer - A trilogy of DOS text adventures (complete versions) consisting of 'The Adventurer's Museum' (previously released as shareware, see link below), 'The Palace of the Necromancer', and 'The Dark Tower'. All were written by Lee Chapel. Sent in by Paul Sanders with permission Adventure (version of Colossal) + Castaway + South American Trek + Hellfire + Sam Spade Alien + Dark Continent + Nebula Aztec Tomb + The Last City + The Vial of Doom (all need QBASIC) + Special Agent + A Misadventure + Escape from Pulsar 7 Babel + Coming out of the Closet (2 versions, 1 Alan) Coming Out of the Closet + Hollywood Murders (non specific setup files) + Voyage to Atlantis (Basic) Dracula in London (text/graphics) + Moon Mountain Adventure Dragon's Lair + Magic Land + Skullduggery Fifi's Whorehouse + Softporn Adventure (both adult only, don't download if you might be offended) + Basic Adventure _ Fun City Adventure Ghastly Manor + The Abbey of Montglane + Destiny + Derelict + Hampton Manor + Trouble at the Quatt Wunkery Starship Columbus, Crypt v2.0, LBSS, Maroon and The Adventurer's Museum Two Heads of a Coin + Graphic Castle Adventure + The Pleasuredome Adventure Pirate Adventure + Castle of Hornadette + Stoneville Manor Kingdom of Kroz + Beyond the Titanic Masquerade + Escape from Maya's Kingdom + The Thief's Adventure 4K Adventure 10 Basic Adventures - all with a travel theme, Marco Polo, Tour de France etc Adv551 Adventure Adventureware - (5 text adventures) Alice in Wonderland Amnesia Another Lifeless Planet ... and Me with No Beer Asia Challenge (65K) Awechasm Brainscape Breath Pirates Brian Howarth's Mysterious Adventures - three folders (1) as BAT files (Scottfree), (2) Scottfree menu (3) Scottfree menu in Vic 20 style. Sent to SynTax by N. Combie. Read the readme file first please. The games contained are: 11 Mysterious Adventures - The Golden Baton, The Time Machine, Arrow of Death Part 1, Arrow of Death Part 2, Escape from Pulsar 7, Circus, Feasibility Experiment, The Wizard of Akyrz, Perseus and Andromeda, Ten Little Indians, Waxworks plus four bonus games - Supergran and Gremlins were written by Howarth; Robin of Sherwood, was written by Mike Woodroffe with Howarth. Seas of Blood was written by Mike Woodroffe and Alan Cox (but Howarth programmed the interpreter). Seas of Blood is included only for completeness' sake; the game's crucial combat sequence is missing from the version included here. In other words, you can't really play this version. Castle Droganya Castle Elsinore Castle Ralf CIA Adventure plus 3 other games Crisis at Dersenia Cow V V1 Darknight Detective, Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Presents ... Dinkum Dogstar Doppelganger Doppy Trilogy - (Doppyworld, Asylum, Doppy and Pru's Summer Holiday) Dragon's Quest Drearcliffe Manor - author Softworks (47k) Druglord Dungeon 1 plus 3 other games Dunjin Elves (Advsys version) Enchanted Castle Endless Night (text/graphics) Escape from Atlantis (Q Basic) Escape from New York plus 3 other games Forbidden Lands, Book 1: The City of Falchon Four with Battune (Battune the Sailor, Battune in Wonderland, Caverns City and Museum) - author Merle Goodman (58k) Four more with Battune (Battune Becomes an Actor, Battune - Crimefighter, Battune Goes on Safari and Battune Meets Sleeping Beauty) - author Merle Goodman (40k) Geneva Adventure Gerbil Riot of '67 Ghostbusters: Basic Training Golden Fleece, The (see also TADS version) Golden Wombat of Destiny, The Gold Rush Gorraven Papers, The and Starship Solitaire Gymnasium Halloween Hotel California House at the Edge of Time Humbug - two versions, 4.6 and 5.0 IBM Adventure plus 3 other games Jacaranda Jim King James' Quest - biblical adventure King Pieter's Treasure Land Beyond the Picket Fence, The Landing Party - author Rick Pitel Light: Shelby's Addendum, The Liquid Cow Shop, The Lost New York Marooned Again - author Denis Drew (20K) Matter of Time, A McMurphy's Mansion Miser's House, The - author M J Lancing. PC version by Tom Croley 1981 (36K) Miser's House, The - another one? Multi-Dimensional Thief, the Murder in the Marching Band Murder on Violet Island Mush - is a text-adventure game for Windows that puts you in a dog sled race across an Arctic landscape. This demo is limited to 20 game plays. VBRUN300 is included. Nirvana Nightmares from the Crypt - Rings for Bony Fingers, Ghost Riders of El Diablo, Dr Death's House of Horrors Mystery of the Java Star Palace Adventure Pengu's Jigsaw II, The Green Orange Phantom's Revenge Pirating (preview) Pop Star Pork - see also the AGT version Prelude and Voyager two games Prologue (To Return the Colossal Cave), The Quest for Kukulklan and Under the Ice - two games Revenge of the Eland Rimworld Runcibal Quest 2.0 Sanctuary Scott Adams Adventures - A ScottFree modified program which loads the Scott Adams adventures in Vic 20 style via a menu Scottfree - 18 text adventures from the Scott Adams stable including a sampler in Scottfree format with menu system- Adventureland, Pirate Adventure (a.k.a.Pirate's Cove), Secret Mission (Mission Impossible), Voodoo Castle, The Count, Strange Odyssey, Mystery Fun House, Pyramid of Doom, Ghost Town, Savage Island Part I, Savage Island Part II, The Golden Voyage, Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle, Return to Pirate's Isle, Buckaroo Banzai, Adventureland (sampler version)v1.01, The Hulk, Spiderman Silver Cloud Ski Adventure Sleuth Sound of One Hand Clapping, The Star Stryker Supernova Survival in New York Tales of Horror - Frankenstein's Legacy, Night of the Walking Dead, The Sea Phantom Tales of Magic - Merlin's Magic Forest, Merlin's Golden Trove and Son of Ali Baba Textfire Inc Demos - 16 TextFire IF demos including Will the Real Marjorie Hopkirk Please Stand Up? (Hugo) plus other TADS and Inform games. Part 1 is TADS and part 2 is Hugo/Z5 Thypt Tommy's Manor T-Zero Unholy Grail, The Under the Ice and Quest for Kukulklan - two games Voyager and Prelude two games WinAdv v2.1 World - two versions in different folders Zork 1, 2 and 3 Apple Emulators and Emulated Games AppleWin plus Apple games starting with the letters A-B and C More emulated Apple games - E-F + H More emulated Apple games - G + I-J More emulated Apple games - K-L More emulated Apple games - M-N More emulated Apple games - O More emulated Apple games - Q-R More emulated Apple games - S More emulated Apple games - U-Z Odd emulated Apple games - Crypt + Crime Stopper + Crypt of Medea + Curse of Crowley Manor + Dallas Quest + Death in the Caribbean + Demon's Forge + Destiny Other Emulators and Games CPC EMU v1.4 + PC64WIN v2.14 PC64 Emulator to run C64 games on the PC C64S v0.9B PC C64 emulator - contains several adventures to test C64S v1.1B PC C64 emulator - 10 mins evaluation only, no reset, allows different file names. C64S v1.Q, PC C64 emulator Dorothy Millard's Adventures - a stack of games! Needs the C64 Emulator. The games are Adventure in Time and Space, Blackpool Tower, Convention Blues, The Dare, Great Aussie Adventure, Harboro, Land of the Giants, Land of the Purple Sea, Lost in the Amazon, Million Dollar Great Jewel Heist, Misty Island, R.J.'s Ultimatum, Revenge of the Vampire, Shadows in the Night, St Jives, Survival, Trouble at Bridgeton, Westbury Mystery, Yellow Peril. CMB MAC plus 4 C64 games - Dracula 2 + Escape to Freedom + My House + Stowaway plus Multiadventures TSR-80 Emulator plus Scott Adams and other games Level 9 Interpreter for DOS and Windows plus Level 9 games in SNA format ZX32 Emulator plus report and samples Spectrum snapshots but NO EMULATOR; they are The Boggit, Bored of the Rings, Growing Pains of Adrian Mole, Hampstead, Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Return of the Joystick, Robin of Sherlock, Robin of Sherwood, Shadows of Mordor, Sherlock, The Big Sleaze, Colour of Magic, Very Big Cave Adventure SP Convert (Z80 to SNA and vice versa) + X128 Spectrum Emulator v0.8 + UnPAW and UnQuill WSpecEm Windows Spectrum emulator, versions for 95 and 3.11, Tap2Tape utility, docs and source The SynTax PC 8-bit Emulators Collection! Emulators for Atari 400, 800, Dragon 32, 64, Tandy Colour Computer II, TRS 80, ZX81, Spectrum 48K/128K (Z80 v3.02), Amstrad CPC Text Adventures with some graphics Crimson Crown (Transylvania 2) - Penguin/Polarware, runs through DOS Ooze, Creepy Nites So You Want to be a Guru? - written with the Adventurer Talisman - Penguin/Polarware, runs through DOS Transylvania - Penguin/Polarware, runs through DOS RPGs Advanced Xoru Aethra Chronicles, The Alphaman 1.01 Ancient Domains of Mystery (ADOM) Azalta - I couldn't get it running ... but Javri could - read on ... "As I am not an RPG expert I cannot tell you how to play this game, but I can tell you how to start it, after having unpacked it. When beginning to play the game you need a name for it (they call it a party) as you play with more players. So type AZALTA , like AZALTA test (do a return). But before that, it is very important to run the setsound.exe first, even if you don't use sound. That must do it. Then you can go on and choose your 4 characters. Bandor: The Search for the Storm Giant King- Self extracting files. Read read1st.bat and run config Bard's Quest I:Dungeons of the unknown! The zip file contains amended installation instructions. Blades of Exile - Blades of Exile is whole new world of adventure not only several fascinating adventures, but a scenario generator you can use yourself! With Blades of Exile, you be able to not only pull new scenarios off the Internet, but make your own adventures as well! Castle of the Winds Cavequest Daymare2 Defender of Boston Dragonsfield Keep - needs AD&D Unlimited Adventures to run Dragon's Shard v1.0 Dragon's Shard v1.8 Dungeon v6 (ANSI) Dungeon v6.0 (another one) Dungeon of Death - Ultima Underworld style RPG Dungeons and Dragons Dungeons of Drakklor v4.0 Dungeons of Grimlor: The Gem of Souls Dungeons of Morabis I v1.7b DND - Dungeons of the Necromancer's Domain v 2.0.1 - includes Anacalagon, Black Mountain, Mount Galurung, Shelob's Lair and Urukhai Cavern Evets - the Adventure Excelsior v2.0 - EXCELSIOR is a RPG which returns players to the classic style of gaming defined in the early '80s. In Excelsior, you become a "fixer" - A demigod with the task of fixing a glitch in the Lysandian universe. A chaotic presence has taken control of the king and is threatening to disturb the destiny of the planet. Your task is to identify the chaos and destroy it so that Lysandia can be returned to its normal course. Exile v1.11 Escape from the Pit Exile 2: Crystal Souls - v 2.0.1 Exile 3: Ruined World - I downloaded this from Spiderweb Software as my copy no longer worked. They say it doesn't work with Vista and recommended the Avernum games instead which are rewrites of the Exile games for Vista Fantasy Worlds of Tamrak, The written with the Graphic Adventure Game Builder. Thanks to Javri who directed me to a new working file. This is what he says: you can move with the cursor keys and there are 2 items (a key and a jacket) that you can get (press G when on the key or jacket). F1 gives help. Don't know what more to do ... Forgotten Futures 1 - H.M.A. Pinafore. the ABC Files Gateway to Another World Great Ultizurkian Underworld v5.0 - a world sim RPG. Kingdom of Syree II Black Magic Land, The Legend of the Red Dragon - Described as more of a wargame for BBs than an RPG. You can play up to level 7 before you need to register. Leygref's Castle + Temple of Lore Lorrinitron MAG with C source Maze Quest For info on the Moraff series see this Wikipedia entry. Thanks to the webmaster of Classic DOS Games for sorting out the files. They have other versions of the games online too - check them out here. Moraff's Dungeon of the Unforgiven, module 1 v1.1 Moraff's Revenge - the first 3D dungeon game - V3.1 (130K) Moraff's World - sequel to 'Revenge' - V4 (222K) Moraff's World - V5.1 (227K) Moraff's World - V7 (234K) Mordor v1.1 - shareware version Moria v4.83 Moria v4.872 NetHack v3.1 Nethack Plus v4.0 + ChrHack Omega v0.71 beta + Dungeon Explorer Palace of Deceit v2.1, The Dragon's Plight - gold edition PC Hack v3.6 Pits of Angband v2.4 Quenzar's Cavern Ranadinn Ragnarok - Viking RPG (1280K) Realm of Hakron Rooms of the Abyss Secrets Shadowkeep Stone Mist v2.12 Swords of Chaos Terradyne v1.0 (EGA/VGA) Time of Chaos v4.7 described as an RPG/Sim Tommy's Dungeon Ultimuh Ultizurk III:Guildmaster's Quest v1.1 Vampyr v2.0 Walls of Bratock v1.0 Yendorian Tales Book 1 Yendorian Tales Book 1 Chapter 2 Games Help Patches, Cheats, Add-ons, Save games, Help etc NB Save game disks provide the last few moves of a game plus instructions. Remember you'll need the original game to use them. All cheats, saves, patches etc are supplied as-is ... don't hold me responsible if anything goes wrong!). Some disks with maps need a viewer program to look at them. Various save games - Hexx save from Roy Sims plus maps of all levels in LBM format. Ravenloft CD-ROM save from Alex van Kaam, and saves for Monkey Island 2 and Beneath a Steel Sky from Shebo Bane of the Cosmic Forge - solution, maps etc Bard's Tale III - solution and maps in ASCII fo


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