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Gospel Praise Book: A Collection Of Choice Gems Of Sacred Song Suitable For Church Service, Gospel P

The temple choir: a collection of sacred and secular music, comprising a great variety of tunes, anthems, glees, elementary exercises and social songs, suitable for use in the choir, the singing school, and the social circle. by Theodore F. Seward, assisted by Lowell Mason and Wm. B. Bradbury. New York: Mason Brothers; Boston: Mason & Hamlin; Chicago: Root & Cady, c1867.

Gospel Praise Book: A Collection of Choice Gems of Sacred Song Suitable for Church Service, Gospel P

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Victory: a new collection of sacred and secular music: comprising a great variety of tunes, anthems, glees, and elementary exercises an social songs suitable for use in the choir, the singing school and the social circle: and including the latest compositions of William B. Bradbury. edited by Chester G. Allen and William F. Sherwin. New York: Biglow & Main, c1869.

Brightest and best: a choice collection of new songs, duets, choruses, invocation and benediction hymns for the Sunday school and meetings of prayer and praise. [compiled] by Robert Lowry and W. Howard Doane. New York: Biglow & Main, c1875.

The armor bearer: a choice collection of new and popular hymns and music; prepared especially for gospel meetings, camp meeting, family devotions, Christian association, and Sunday schools. edited by E. Payson Hammond and W. Warren Bentley. New York: Wm. A. Pond, c1876.

The school song book: a large and choice collection of secular and sacred music adapted to school use; with an appendix containing a short but thorough course in the elements of music and musical notation, a carefully prepared course of graded exercises for beginners, exercises for voice culture, etc.. by E. O. Lyte. Philadelphia: Christopher Sower Co., 1883.

The temperance evangel: a collection of new and popular music, and words suitable for gospel temperance meetings and general temperance work. by D. B. Towner and S. W. Spencer. New York: National Temperance Society and Publication House, 1883.

The choral union: an improved text book in the first principles of singing by note; consisting of complete and carefully prepared junior and senior grades as they are taught in the Church Choral Union of New York City; to which is added a miscellaneous department, comprising a very choice collection of anthems, sentences, hymn-tunes, glees, part-songs, sacred and secular choruses, etc.. by H. R. Palmer. New York: Biglow & Main, 1884.

Apples of gold: a choice collection of new songs and favorite hymns for use in the Sunday school and various services of the church; together with a department devoted to the elements of music running through all the keys. by J. F. Kinsey and John McPherson. Lafayette, Ind.: The Echo Music Company, c1890.

The gospel call: parts 1 and 2; a choice collection of standard hymns and popular gospel songs. by W. E. M. Hackleman assisted by J. V. Coombs. St. Louis, Mo.: Christian Pub. Co.; Indianapolis, Ind.: Hackleman, c1897.

The highway to heaven: a new collection of gospel songs for Sunday-schools, prayer meetings, young people's societies, and all other occasions of religious...and musical endeavor. by A. J. Showalter, J. Henry Showalter, J. M. Bowman and T. B. Mosley. Dalton. Ga.: A. J. Showalter, 1899.

The Brethren hymnal: a collection of psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, suited for song service in Christian worship, for church service, social meetings and Sunday schools. compiled under the direction of the General Conference of the German Baptist Brethren Church by the Committee. Elgin, Ill.: Brethren Publishing House, 1901.

Gipsy Smith's mission hymnal: a collection of sacred songs specially selected for use in evangelistic and church services, Sunday schools and all prayer and praise meetings... Chicago: Biglow & Main, [1906?]

Revival echoes: a collection of songs for every department of worship, and suitable for all services of the church. edited by M. M. Weekley, Rev. J. A. Campbell, J. H. Ruebush, W. H. Ruebush, and J. H. Hall. Revised and enlarged. Dayton, Va.: Ruebush-Kieffer Co., c1908.

Epworth praises: a collection of popular sacred songs new and old; compiled for the Epworth Leagues of the Methodist Episcopal Church, the Methodist Episcopal Church, South and the Methodist Church of Canada. Charles H. Gabriel, music editor. Chicago: Epworth League, c1909.

Sing unto the Lord: a collection of sacred songs for Sunday schools, young people's societies, evangelistic services, and all occasions of church work and worship. edited by C. H. Gabriel and W.E.M. Hackleman. Indianapolis, IN: Hackleman Music Co., [1909?]

Glory songs: a choice collection of original and popular gospel songs together with standard hymns and tunes, suitable for church, Sunday-school, young peoples societies, evangelistic services and all occasions of worship. edited by Dr. J. B. Herbert and W. E. M. Hackleman. Indianapolis: Hackleman, [1911?]

Songs of praise and service: a collection of sacred songs for the Sunday school and young people's meetings. edited by E.B. Chappell. Nashville, Tenn.: Publishing House Methodist Episcopal Church South, 1913, c1912.

Gospel bells: a choice collection of gospel songs and standard hymns for church, Sunday school, endeavor and evangelist. edited by E.O. Excell and W.E.M. Hackleman. St. Louis: Christian Board of Pub.; Indianapolis, IN: Hackleman Music, [1914?]

Gospel message: 1-2-3- combined; 471 gospel hymns and sacred songs, new and selected favorites, as well as a large number especially written for this book, which cannot be had elsewhere. edited by J. Lincoln Hall, Adam Geibel, C. Austin Miles. Philadelphia: Hall-Mack Co., c1915.

Rodeheaver collection for male voices: one hundred and sixty quartets and choruses for men consisting of gospel songs--new and old--the popular songs used in the "Billy" Sunday campaigns; many adaptations from standard authors; old familiar hymns, newly arranged; secular songs; plantation melodies; prohibition songs and special selections. edited and compiled by Dr. J. B. Herbert. Chicago: Rodeheaver Hall-Mack Co., c1916.

Herald of praise: a collection of choice gospel hymns for the church, the Sunday school and evangelistic meetings. musical editors, W.E. Biederworlf [et al.]. Chicago: Glad Tidings Pub. Co., c[1917?].

The popular hymnal: old standard hymns and popular gospel songs, for use in all departments of church, Sunday school and young people's work. ed. and comp. by Robert H. Coleman. Philadelphia: Jordan Press, c1918.

Harvest hymns: singable gospel songs for general use in churches, school, young people's meetings and evangelistic services; church hymns, revival songs, children's melodies, solos, duets and choruses. compiled and edited by Robert H. Coleman. Shaped note ed. Dallas, Tex.: Coleman, c1924.

Jehovah's praise: a choice collection of hymns and gospel songs for church, Sunday School, Young People's meeting, and revival work. compiled and edited by I.E. Reynolds and B.B. McKinney. Fort Worth, TX: Southwestern Press, c1925.

The modern hymnal: standard hymns and gospel songs new and old, for general use in all church services. compiled and edited by Robert H. Coleman. [Shaped note ed.] Nashville, Tenn.: Broadman Press, c1926.

Great songs of the church: a comprehensive collection of Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs of the first class, suitable for all services of the church; alphabetically arranged. E.L. Jorgenson, complier. Louisville, KY: Word and Work Publishers, 1928, c1925.

Bennard's melodies: solos and duets; a choice collection of gospel songs suitable for evangelistic and all church services. compiled by George Bennard. 8th ed. Albion, Mich.: Bennard Music Co., [19--]

Full redemption songs: an unusual collection of hymns and sacred songs designed and prepared for use in all the services of the church, evangelistic, camp, and tabernacle meetings, etc. compiled by George Bennard. Albion, Mich; a Hermosa Beach, Calif.: published for the Bennard Music Co. by Philadelphia: The Rodeheaver Co., c1933.

The American hymnal: for English speaking people everywhere, containing the best loved and most commonly used old standard and church hymns, the most popular gospel songs and a wealth of new songs. compiled and edited by Robert H. Coleman. Dallas, TX: R. H. Coleman, c1933.

The Broadman hymnal: great standard hymns and choice gospel songs new and old, for use in all religious services, such as the worship hour, Sunday school, young people's meetings, assemblies, and evangelistic services. B. B. McKinney, music editor. Nashville, Tenn.: The Broadman Press, c1940.

Church service hymns: a superior collection of hymns and gospel songs for every department of church work. comp. by Homer Rodeheaver [and] George W. Sanville. Music ed., B. D. Ackley. Winona Lake, Ind.: Rodeheaver, Hall-Mack Co., c1948.

Church service hymns: a superior collection of hymns and gospel songs for every department of church work. comp. by Homer Rodeheaver [and] George W. Sanville. Music ed., B. D. Ackley. Winona Lake, Ind.: Rodeheaver, Hall-Mack Co., 1968, c1948.

Jesus, Precious TreasureThis vocal soloist collection is filled with heart-felt songs of devotion to Jesus and hymns that focus on His Name. The varied seasonal themes ensure that this resource will be used throughout the church year with songs suitable for Advent/Christmas, Lent, Stewardship Emphases, and general services. Versatile, it includes optional synthesizer parts to provide a sparkling performance option when used with the piano accompaniment. An accompaniment CD is included for rehearsal or performance purposes, and it contains two bonus tracks: a live orchestral accompaniment to "His Hands," and a live string accompaniment to "Christmas Grace."more info...

Prayludes for CommunionThe seasonal collections of "Prayludes" by Ruth Elaine Schram have been received warmly by church musicians for the beauty of her arrangements and their flexible service uses. This collection contains nine creative medleys of hymns, gospel songs, and spirituals, and each gives you a variety of starting and stopping points to allow for the varying lengths of communion services. Each medley is also designed to flow smoothly into the following piece for times when longer musical meditations are needed. "Prayludes for Communion" will be one of your favorite resources for years to come. Songs include "Let Us Break Bread" ("Let us Break Bread Together" with "There's a Wideness In God's Mercy"); "Lord Jesus, Break the Bread" ("Break Thou the Bread of Life" with "Fairest Lord Jesus"); "My King, My Shepherd" ("The King of Love My Shepherd Is" with "He Shall Feed His Flock"); "Holy Jesus, Lover of My Soul" ("Jesus, Lover of My Soul" with "Ah, Holy Jesus"); "Partake the Bread of the World" ("O Thou Who This Mysterious Bread" with "Because Thou Hast Said" and "Bread of the World in Mercy Broken"); "Mercy in the Silence" ("Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence" with "Depth of Mercy"); "In Memory of His Mercy" ("In Memory of the Savior's Love" with "Only Trust Him"); "Feast of Glory" ("Come Sinners to the Gospel Feast" with "To God Be the Glory"); and "What Wondrous Love for Me" ("What Wondrous Love is This" with "Here, O My Lord, I See Thee" and "And Could It Be"). 350c69d7ab


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