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The Eternal Promise of Couple Sets Engagement Rings : The Meaning and The Variety of Styles

The Engagement Ring: Understanding its meaning, styles and material.

Engagement rings have a rich and long-standing history, expressing the promise of marriage and the deep commitment to a partner. Why do we need is a ring? Its circular form, with an obvious beginning or end which universally symbolizes love and the utmost fidelity. The past was when it was believed that the ring finger was a direct link to the heart, aligning with the heart, which is the reason why a ring was traditionally placed on the left hand. In the Middle Ages, women were typically given rings from their partners in order to show their commitment to marriage, and it was deemed improper to wear rings solely for ornamental motives.

So, what's the reason for giving an engagement wedding ring? Its significance lies in the announcement of the upcoming wedding. In the tradition, it's a man who selects and presents this precious symbol to his wife.

The importance of an engagement Ring

The engagement ring establishes the date for wedding vows. It is crucial to pick one that best represents her personal style and preferences. If a bride would prefer to keep her wedding simple her guests will not be looking for a ring with excessive bling, but rather a refined and elegant piece. Etiquette stipulates that the ring is handed out one year prior to wedding date, despite the fact that there isn't any specific rules on this.

Different types of engagement rings The materials and styles

In 1938 the De Beers family leading the diamond business began a major advertising campaign. The campaign was supported by Hollywood actors and singers. In 1948 the copywriter Frances Gerety coined the iconic slogan "A diamond is eternal," further establishing this tradition across the globe.

You can show your love with the Eternal Ring made of 9k rose-gold, with its bright diamond. Its curve on the outside symbolizes eternal, pure love. Rose gold is now becoming more and more often associated with the love of your life. This symbolism isn't exclusive to younger women. In comparison to white and yellow gold, rose gold exudes originality as well as elegance, adding an extra dimension of romance and class to the jewelry. Unexpectedly, not everyone prefers diamonds. However, some people are also drawn to the stunning shades and the facets of natural stones such as amethyst quartz, the prasiolite. Amethyst's majestic purple color symbolizes pure spirit. Quartz represents vitality and energy. Prasiolite is distinguished by its enigmatic green hue, remains an enchanting stone that is encased in mystery and awe. These stones are more appropriate for such a valuable jewel because of their meaning. You can also opt for the 9-carat gold solitaire with a square-shaped stone that has a cushion cut and "mosaic faceting" If your loved one enjoys the natural magic of stones.

Where Do we put on engagement rings typically?

It is vital to understand the proper place to wear an engagement ring because of its significance. Etiquette is a part of an ancient tradition that links the position of the engagement ring with the wedding band. Tradition states that the engagement ring must be placed on the left finger for the duration of the wedding ceremony and then transferred onto the right hand's ring finger just prior to the wedding ceremony. In all cases, regardless of whether it's either the right hand or left, the engagement ring should always be worn on the ring finger. In earlier times, it was thought that the finger of this hand was linked to the heart via the "Vena Amoris" also known as the "Vein of Love". It is a custom, once the wedding has been celebrated, to wear both rings on the same finger on the left hand.

Once you've mastered the entire details about the significance of the engagement ring, all you have to do is to choose the perfect jewel for your beloved from the Bronzallure shop. It will make a lasting memory of your passionate love. The Eternelle collection is made up of semi-precious jewels that have powerful symbolic value. They include amethysts topazes, quartzes, and prasiolites. You can be assured that your selection is flawless with its original and unique design. This ring is guaranteed to last the test of time and leave lasting impression.


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