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Remove ICloud Activation Lock Without Password ##VERIFIED##

If you forgot your old Apple ID and can't retrieve it, this will cause you some problems. For example, you can't sign out of it if you've it logged in on one of your devices. Or you can't remove the Activation Lock without Apple ID. Or you got a second-hand iPhone with Apple ID signed in. This article will show you how to remove Activation Lock without Apple ID.

Remove iCloud Activation Lock without Password

EaseUS MobiUnlock is an iPhone unlock tool that helps you bypass Activation Lock without Apple ID. Once you got EaseUS MobiUnlock on your PC, connect your iPhone to the PC, follow the on-screen instruction, and then you can sign in with the iPhone with your current Apple ID. Besides deleting Activation Lock on your iPhone, EaseUS MobiUnlock can be also used to unlock the screen of your iOS device, turn off Screen Time without passcode, and solve other issues. Below is a summary of its features.

If this is a second-hand iPhone and you can still get in touch with the previous owner, you can ask him to erase the iPhone on Apple official website. The previous owner needs to sign in, go to Find iPhone > All Devices section, right-click on the iPhone sold to you, and choose Erase iPhone and next, click Remove from Account. Then the iPhone will start to erase all content and settings, meaning erase all data on the iPhone. And the activation lock will be removed. Now you can activate the iPhone with your Apple ID, or you can set it up through iTunes as a new iPhone.

The reason why more people choose iOS is because of its high security. If you are also one of the iOS users, you should be familiar with the iCloud activation lock. This is a feature introduced by Apple in iOS 7 to reduce the theft of iOS devices. It runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and is automatically enabled when "Find My iPhone" is turned on. If your iPhone or other iOS device is stolen or lost, this security system will protect your iPhone and its data.

iCloud Lock protects your device and prevents others from setting up and using your device until the owner's Apple ID and iCloud password are entered into the device. If you want to check if the activation lock is enabled on your iPhone, go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Find My iPhone. Once the activation lock is enabled, anyone needs to enter your Apple ID and password before they can:

The first and most practical method we're going to introduce is UkeySoft Unlocker, a computer-based Apple ID bypass software and lock screen removal tool. It is committed to bypassing or removing the iCloud activation lock without a password. The steps are especially simple, even if you are a rookie can handle it easily. The strength of UkeySoft Unlocker is much more than that.

Step 1. Launch UkeySoft UnlockerDouble-click the UkeySoft Unlocker icon on your Mac desktop to launch the program. It is divided into two major sections. If you want to remove iCloud activation lock on iPhone or iPad, enter "Unlock Apple ID". And then connect the device to your computer with a valid USB cable.

If the second-hand iPhone you purchased has been stuck on iCloud activation lock screen, you can ask the previous owner to remove the iCloud activation lock by deleting the iPhone from the current iCloud account. Here are the specific steps:

Finally, ask your local Apple Store for help. Bring your receipt or proof that ownership has been transferred to you from the previous owner. Alternatively, you can ask the sales representative to remotely remove the activation lock from your device by calling Apple Support and explaining the situation. However, if you are unable to provide conclusive evidence that you are the legal owner, they will refuse to unlock the iCloud activation lock.

If you forgot your Apple ID password, or your Apple ID is locked for some reasons, here are 7 best Apple ID unlockers that can help you remove Apple ID from iPhone/iPad without password, choose the cheap & fast, reliable iPhone unlocker you need.

How to bypass the lock screen on iPhone is a frequently asked question. If you have the same doubt, follow the methods of this article to successfully bypass iPhone, iPad and iPod lock screen without passcode.

2. Alternatively, if you're given the option, tap Unlock with Passcode and enter the passcode that the device used to use. This lets you set up the iPad without connecting to any Apple ID.

Hello, I am learning to become cell phone repairman and I want to learn how to remove Icloud lock? There are alot of Icloud unlock websites and methods, but I am not sure if they work or not. Please do share your experience with Icloud unlocking.

It is next to impossible to remove activation lock from the latest iPhones such as iPhone 12, iPhone 11, etc. But if you are using an older iPhone (iPhone 5s to iPhone X), then there are some paid third-party paid applications that can help you remove the icloud activation lock. They first jailbreak your iPhone and then unlock it.

My father bought a used iPhone 7 Plus from OLX (it is an Indian classified site similar to Craigslist) at a throw away price. He showed me the phone and asked me to create a new Apple ID so that he can start using the device. His happiness vanished as soon as I told him that he cannot use the device as it has the activation lock set by the previous owner. We contacted the seller and he asked us to pay INR 12,000 (about USD 160) which we denied to pay for obvious reasons. He learned the lesson hard way!

Fun fact: You do not NEED to pay in order to remove iCloud lock, there are free programs out there. I myself am here because I made a series of poor choices which resulted in my iPhone 6 being iCloud locked.

Say for instance, apple adds a submit your email option to the activation screen. This way, if a device is locked and attempts are bein made to log in, apple sends the newly submitted email to the email linked to the email linked to icloud quoting "I have a device locked to your account, do you still give a &&^& pls". This way people who either lost their device or forgot to sign in can mail new holder using a third party app or smthn. Atleast some light!

There is also a small chance that you will bypass Activation lock and enter the owner's ID data (E-mail and password), but once you have logged in to iOS, it is impossible to delete the owner's account and the Find My Phone option. You will use the iPhone, with reduced options, until the first shutdown and then again the "toy" from the beginning, with no guarantee that the ID bypass will succeed again. My advice: Raise money and buy yourself a legal iPhone or create a life without someone else's iPhone. Greetings. I wish you health and happiness in life.

Yes and no. If you buy an iCloud locked iPhone, unless you know either the account email and password or the previous passcode, you will be unable to unlock it without jailbreaking it, I had this problem on an iPhone 5s.

Yeah, but very often a WORKING motherboard will cost more than the iPhones original value. I have an iPhone 6 16GB that I entered the wrong icloud password too many times and so put in a fake birthdate that I forgot so IFU. And now I'm screwed that I can't use the device.

iCloud activation lock is a great way to protect your investment, but it is important to remember that it is not foolproof. Thieves can still factory reset your device and use it themselves, or they can sell it to someone who will pay for the unlocked device. However, the iCloud activation lock makes it much more difficult for thieves to profit from stolen Apple devices, and that is why it is such an important security measure.

The main reason to bypass/remove the iCloud activation lock is that it can be a major headache if you forget your Apple ID or password. If you forgot your Apple ID, you would not be able to activate your device, and if you forgot your password, you would not be able to use any of the features that require authentication with your Apple ID. This can be a major problem if you need to use your device for work or school.

Another reason to bypass iCloud activation lock iPhone is that it can interfere with the resale value of your device. If you are trying to sell your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and the buyer cannot activate the device because it is locked, they may not be willing to pay as much for the device. This can be a major problem if you are trying to get the most money possible for your used device.

Here are the detailed steps to remove the activation lock without the previous owner via UltFone Activation Unlocker. Please remember to create a backup of your data before you remove the Activation Lock, just in case something goes wrong.

When the jailbreak succeeds, click Next to enter the next interface. Then, the program will display the device info, please confirm it and click Start Remove to start removing the iCloud activation lock. Wait for a while, and you will successfully remove the iCloud activation lock from your device.

As you can see, UltFone Activation Unlocker is an effective and easy-to-use tool that can help you remove the Activation Lock from your iPhone or iPad without the previous owner. In addition, remember to create a backup of your data before you remove the Activation Lock, just in case something goes wrong. However, ensure your internet connection is stable when using this tool. Otherwise, it may fail to work properly.

Summary: Get stuck on the Activation Lock screen and don't know what to do next? Don't worry, you can follow this manual article to learn how to remove Activation Lock screen on iPhone or iPad without passcode.

On the contrary, if it's an iPhone not in your possession, like your parents', you may be asked to bypass this Activation Lock screen, of course the passcode has been long forgotten. If you are have the same problem, you can read on this article to find out how to remove Activation Lock on an iPhone or iPad without passcode.


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