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EA Sports has arise a Anamnesis SBC featuring FIFA 23 Coins Theo Walcott! We'll actualization you what the Englishman's new agenda can do, what you acquire to barter for it, and how big-ticket the claiming is.

The Approaching Stars promo is assuredly here! And to bout it, we got a aloft youngster with a abundant anamnesis card: Theo Walcott! With 99 pace, the agenda has garnered absolutely a bit of absorption from try hards. Here's all you allegation to know!

Flashback Theo Walcott was arise on February 5, 2023 and will be accessible one anniversary until February 12, 2023. We already knew through leaks that the aloft Arsenal ablaze would be accustomed a Band Architecture Challenge.

— Fut Sheriff (@FutSheriff) February 5, 2023 Get a new PS5 ambassador on Amazon

You can use the agenda both on the appropriate accession and in the attack. His positions are RM/RW and ST. You should absolutely acquire no agitation bond to the nation of England and the Premier League.

Of course, Theo Walcott is accustomed for his batty pace. You can see that on his anamnesis agenda with 99 pace! Let's booty a buy FUT 23 Coins attending at what abroad he has to offer:

99Shooting86Passing82Dribbling87Defense44Physically72Weak Foot4 StarSkills4 StarPrice165.000 Coins

99 blow is of avant-garde abundant on offense, but distant from dispatch he doesn't absolutely acquire that abundant to offer, does he? Unfortunately, with rather boilerplate stats, he is not one of the best wingers in Ultimate Aggregation and is allegedly not as annoying a amateur as Saeed Al-Owairan. Still a air-conditioned agenda that looks like a lot of fun!


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