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George Gulyaev
George Gulyaev

Demar Derozan Next-Gen

The uppers take on a black next-generation Flyknit construction and is accented by the silver side panel Swoosh. Sitting below is an icy-blue sole unit, which combines both React and Lunarlon properties.

Demar Derozan Next-Gen

Download Zip:

NBA 2K21 was updated on next-gen platforms Monday morning as version 1.004.000 on PS5, and the fairly large download might account for the biggest patch the game has seen to date. Uniforms have been updated, player likenesses have been overhauled and holiday courts are coming soon. That being said, those looking for significant gameplay changes may want to keep their expectations in check. Check out the full patch notes below, courtesy of the latest Courtside Report blog post.

Given what we see from the above list, NBA 2K21 next-gen Patch 3 is heavy on flashy elements but thin where it really matters. Starting with the good stuff, it's nice to see some front-facing improvements coming to the game over the next day or so.

But, while all these visuals make the game more realistic, there's still lots of work left to do under the hood to bring next-gen NBA 2K21 up to the level that it should be. Despite being listed in the notes, for example, our tests suggest little has been done to nerf obvious cheese maneuvers like contact dunks and fades. The more these moves are abused, the less will one has to actually outsmart your opponent.

And, speaking of smart, the Pro-Am AI is still as dumb as bricks even though the game might say CPU players are at an 85 overall. The characters don't play defense or offense, which makes single-player games that much more frustrating. While NBA 2K21 next-gen Patch 3 has lots of fixes on an individual level, many pressing gameplay issues remain unchecked.

Steve Noah of gaming site Operation Sports posted shots of player models from last year's game, comparing them to the handful of player models we've seen for 2K18 -- and it's night and day. This doesn't look just like an improvement, it looks like a next-gen console jump.

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