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We recently traveled up to Cleveland to meet Kayla and John for their engagement session at the Cleveland Cultural Gardens. These gardens are incredible! Each garden has a differnt look, feel and theme and there are so many to choose from! We decided to use the Hungarian, Italian and Greek gardens. Kayla and John are such a joy to work with! They are so natural with each other, you can definintely tell they have a deep love based in true friendship.



Photographs of NewgrangeMegaliths RevealedMore information about Newgrange and other megalithic structures of Ireland from Knowth.comThe Stones of Clava, ScotlandThe History of Astronomy The Newgrange Passage Tomb The Newgrange tomb is located in County Meath, Ireland. It was likely built around 3,200 B.C. by the people who lived in Ireland at the time. That means that it is older than the pyramids in Egypt! The tomb was discovered in 1699 and it was excavated between 1962 and 1975.The builders of Newgrange definintely had astronomy in mind! An entrance opens to a 62 feet long passageway leading to a central chamber 20 feet high. For about 2 weeks on either side of the winter solstice, light streams through a roof box located above the entrance passage. This allows light to shine through the length of the passageway, lighting up the entire central chamber, where people must've been buried. This couldn't happened by accident. Newgrange was definitely planned out and built to face sunrise at the midwinter mark.Many of the stones making up Newgrange are decorated, some with symbols that look very much like the Sun. Newgrange is not an observatory, but this building does show that this ancient civilization had not only knowledge of the movement of the Sun, but a deep cultural connection with the movements of the Sun, Moon and stars. Last modified July 25, 2001 by Jennifer Bergman. What's New on the Site?When Nature Strikes - Earthquakes

It would be amazing to see a translation of the documentation. As you say it would have to be an unofficial translation as I can't read or write Portuguese but it would be definintely something we would be happy to endorse.

You can click on the results to see a JSON document that describes which records are valid or invalid. You should definintely use a browser extension that will make the JSON prettier so you can read it.


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