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Egor Fedoseev
Egor Fedoseev

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge on Steam

Finally got the serial installed on the server, but when I start the game nothing happens. Let me reiterate that I do not have any Origin keys on my computer, and have since removed any reference to the Origin game client. All I have is a serial number, which I got off the CRACKED RA2 exe I downloaded.

serial key for red alert 2 yuris revenge

Inside the RA2.exe file from halo, there is the text: "if installed on Origin you can download it from here" - not only does this not work (RA2.exe installs, but needs to have the serial key installed) - but EA's reply to file-sharing on doesn't work either.

I tried to use the serial key from the crack, but it does not work. The cracks says "store my serial key and enter it into the settings, but as I have not a router, a serial key is not attached to any server.

I have dl the rr2, but I have never played it before. So far I have just been lurking on this forum. I have downloaded the crack, and have the serial number from the red alert 2 serial. The crack still asks for the serial number, but when I click next, then can not connect to the game server, because there is no serial number. I think I need to buy it with a credit card, but because of the website can not connect, it says can't connect to the serial number for the game, so I cannot buy the game yet.

I've downloaded the program and I do not have the serial number in the serial number file. I also do not have the associated server in the server list. As a result, I can't play. I have tried as best I can to install the serial number from the crack into the serial number file and then to associate the.srch file I have downloaded with the server list, but none of the servers I am supposed to be able to play, the.srch file is associated with. I have a R&B2 Windows XP Home Edition SP3. The crack I have has the name "Holo_Red_Altz_Ra2_crack_..._rev_2.rar" I do not have the CD for Red Alert 2, I only have the installation file for the crack I have.


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