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Abram Roosters
Abram Roosters

Spunk Splashed Matures

Beautiful! Double, soft pink pansies with coral coloring in the flower center. The petal edges are delicately fringed with a very thin raspberry edge. The edge sometimes starts as white when its just beginning to open. Blue fantasy specks are splashed on the flower face. The foliage is dark green and serrated.

spunk splashed matures

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A "have to have" for your collection! But we might be partial to this one. Kristi (Paul's daughter) hybridized this variety and it sure shows her spunk!! A beautiful variety, with very large, light pink (almost white) double stars! It's heavily adorned with blue fantasy specks and streaks. Occasionally, red flecking appears. The flower petals are outlined, with a gorgeous, light raspberry edge that is fringed. The standard foliage is dark green, tailored and behaves well. 041b061a72


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