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Download Lagu Mughrom Ai Khodijah Full Album MP3 di Sini

Download Lagu Mughrom Ai Khodijah: A Guide to Enjoy the Beautiful Sholawat

If you are a fan of religious music, you might have heard of lagu mughrom ai khodijah. This is a sholawat or a song that praises Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and expresses love and devotion to him. This sholawat is very popular among Muslims, especially in Indonesia, where it was sung by Ai Khodijah, a famous gambus singer. In this article, we will guide you on how to download lagu mughrom ai khodijah and enjoy its beauty and benefits.

download lagu mughrom ai khodijah

What is Lagu Mughrom Ai Khodijah?

Lagu mughrom ai khodijah is a sholawat that was composed by Zein 17, a songwriter from Indonesia. He wrote this sholawat based on his own experience of being mughrom, which means being madly in love with someone. In this case, he was mughrom with Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), who is the most beloved and noble person in Islam. He expressed his admiration and longing for the Prophet in this sholawat, which has a beautiful melody and lyrics.

The meaning and origin of the sholawat

The word mughrom comes from the Arabic word gharim, which means debtor or lover. It implies that someone who is mughrom owes his love and loyalty to someone else, who is his creditor or beloved. In this sholawat, Zein 17 declared that his heart was mughrom with the love of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), who is the best example and leader for Muslims. He also described the Prophet's physical and moral qualities, such as his beauty, generosity, kindness, wisdom, and mercy.

The origin of this sholawat can be traced back to a poem by Imam al-Busiri, a famous poet from Egypt in the 13th century. He wrote a poem called Qasidah al-Burdah, which means The Poem of the Mantle. This poem praises Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and tells the story of how Imam al-Busiri was cured from paralysis after he saw the Prophet in his dream and received his mantle as a gift. This poem is considered one of the most influential and widely recited poems in Islamic history.

The popularity and benefits of listening to the sholawat

This sholawat became popular after it was sung by Ai Khodijah, a female gambus singer from Bandung, Indonesia. She collaborated with Liza Not Tujuh, another gambus singer, to create a cover version of this sholawat. They uploaded their video on YouTube in October 2020, and it has gained more than 21 million views as of June 2023. Their version has a soothing and melodious sound that attracts many listeners.

Listening to this sholawat has many benefits for Muslims. It can increase their love and respect for Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), who is their role model and guide. It can also bring them closer to Allah, who sent the Prophet as a mercy for all mankind. Moreover, it can inspire them to follow the teachings and sunnah of the Prophet in their daily lives. Furthermore, it can bring them peace and happiness in this world and the hereafter. How to Download Lagu Mughrom Ai Khodijah?

If you want to download lagu mughrom ai khodijah and listen to it offline, you have several options. There are many sites that offer free downloads of this sholawat in various formats, such as mp3, mp4, or wav. However, not all of them are safe and reliable. Some of them may contain viruses, malware, or ads that can harm your device or data. Therefore, you need to be careful and choose the best sites to download the sholawat.

[Download lagu Ai Khodijah - Mughrom MP3 dengan MUDAH dan CEPAT - Treklagu](^1^)

The best sites to download the sholawat for free

Here are some of the best sites that we recommend for downloading lagu mughrom ai khodijah for free: - : This is a site that specializes in religious music, especially sholawat. It has a huge database of sholawat songs, including lagu mughrom ai khodijah. It also has a simple and elegant design that makes it easy to navigate and download the songs you like.

The steps to download the sholawat from the sites

The steps to download lagu mughrom ai khodijah from the sites are similar and easy. Here are the general steps that you can follow: - Go to the site that you prefer and type "lagu mughrom ai khodijah" in the search box. - Choose the version of the sholawat that you want to download, such as the original or the cover by Ai Khodijah and Liza Not Tujuh. - Click on the download button and choose the format and quality of the file that you want to save. - Wait for the download to finish and enjoy the sholawat on your device. How to Enjoy Lagu Mughrom Ai Khodijah?

Downloading lagu mughrom ai khodijah is not enough to enjoy its beauty and benefits. You also need to listen to it with attention and appreciation. You also need to share it with others and spread its message of love and devotion. Here are some tips and ways to enjoy lagu mughrom ai khodijah.

The tips to appreciate the lyrics and melody of the sholawat

The lyrics and melody of lagu mughrom ai khodijah are very beautiful and meaningful. They can touch your heart and soul and make you feel closer to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and Allah. Here are some tips to appreciate them: - Read the translation of the lyrics and understand their meaning. You can find the translation online or in the description of the video. - Listen to the sholawat with headphones or speakers and focus on the sound and rhythm. You can also sing along or hum the tune if you like. - Feel the emotions and sentiments that the sholawat conveys. You can express your love, gratitude, admiration, and longing for the Prophet (peace be upon him) in your own words or prayers. - Reflect on the lessons and values that the sholawat teaches. You can learn from the Prophet's (peace be upon him) character, behavior, and teachings and apply them in your life.

The ways to share and spread the sholawat with others

Sharing and spreading lagu mughrom ai khodijah with others is a good way to enjoy it more and earn rewards from Allah. You can also inspire others to love and follow the Prophet (peace be upon him) more. Here are some ways to share and spread the sholawat: - Share the link or file of the sholawat with your friends, family, or social media contacts. You can also write a caption or a review about why you like it and what you learned from it. - Play the sholawat in your car, home, or workplace and let others hear it. You can also invite them to join you in listening or singing along. - Organize a gathering or an event where you can play or perform the sholawat with others. You can also invite a speaker or a scholar to explain the meaning and significance of the sholawat. - Donate or support the creators of the sholawat, such as Zein 17, Ai Khodijah, Liza Not Tujuh, or their respective channels or organizations. You can also support other projects or causes that promote sholawat or Islamic music.