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Buy Fire Fans

Fire fans are a very good first prop for people interested in fire dancing. One fan is held in each hand and can be used in many styles of dancing. Fire fans started as a belly dancing prop, but expanded to other styles of dance. There are now many different types of fan grips and configurations. Renegade has wide selection of fans. When selecting your first fan, key factors you should consider are how big it is and how much it weighs. Manipulating a fan is not as easy as it looks, especially considering that all fans are quite heavy when fueled and burning. The tulip is a good beginner fan, as it is light weight and it not to big overall.

buy fire fans

For more advanced fire fan dancers, a round grip fan offers a wider range of tricks. The Round Grip Wicked has a circular grip, so you manipulate the fan like a small isolation ring. The folding fan is another more advanced style of fire fan where the fan can be opened and closed while burning. A lot of performers like this style of fan as you can transition from more of a poi swing movement style to fan movements when it is opened.

To find the best fans for you, watch videos and find the artist you like. Then simply buy the same fans. The fans are often mentioned in the video description, or you can try to contact this person and ask.

As far as Russian-grip fans are concerned, the inner diameter of the ring should equal to the width of your palm plus one or two centimeters (0.4" - 0.8"). In other words, you should be able to insert your hand into the ring, and a small gap should still remain. For most people, it means the diameter of the ring equal to about 8.5 cm (3.15"). It is better to have a bit larger ring than the ring that is too small for your hands.

Beautiful and elegant, these Lotus Fire Fans are shaped after the lotus flower to enhance your fire dance performance. The powder coated steel structure is designed to be comfortable in your hand to hold. The top of the ring features a small finger spinning hole and as well as a larger spinning ring to expand your range of tricks.

The Fusion Contact Fire Staff is fitted with 100mm of fire resistant Kevlar wicks to withstand 100's of burns, offering super long-lasting flames. The Kevlar absorbs the fuel, then once lit the fuel is burnt, leaving the Kevlar intact.

Keep your Fusion parts clean. Dust, dirt or fuel residue can stop your staff from connecting.Common Issue: If you experience your staff not locking together and continuously turning as you try to set it up, your parts could be dirty. Dirt, dust or fuel residue stops the Cam Bolt from getting traction and engaging stopping it from screwing down and in turn expand the Rubber Bush's which jam inside the fire ends.

We use only quality materials to maximise safety, durability and fun.Now you are ready to light up and express your unique self, exploring your skills and becoming part of the worldwide fire community.

Cable Dragon Staff: The cable spines on this Dragon staff are flexible to prevent damage when they hit the ground. Overall, this is a good durable design that we can offer at a very competitive price. Because of the flex, they are not quite as stable as a premium dragon staffs, but provide an overall good performance. This design is preferred by some people who like a lighter weight dragon staff. We offer these in 8 and 10 wick configurations. Generally, the 10 wick is preferred because it provides more fire. However, the eight wick design pushes all the fire out to the ends giving you more room on the staff to work with.

Clamp On Cable Dragon Spines: These are a simple and durable option for the cost-conscious spinner. If you already have a 1 inch, or 25 mm staff, you can just clamp these on to the ends wherever you want. These are also useful for people who want to purchase a regular staff and a Dragon staff, but can't afford both. These easily come on and off with an included hex key wrench. These are available in our standard four spine karma style, and our eight spine spider version for those who need a ton of fire. By purchasing multiple sets of spines, you can make any crazy configuration you can think of.

Many of our fans are available in black powder coat and chrome. We don't offer colored powder coat, because after a few burns the top half of the fan tends to turn black anyhow. The chrome finish, is more durable and is definitely flashier looking. The black color tends to hide the fan more, accentuating the fire. The choice really comes down to how much you want to see the fan while performing.

Poison: This classic design is a staple for belly dancers and those looking to accentuate the flowing body. Because these fans are slightly larger, the wicks are a little further away from your hands. Because less heat is transferred to your hands with this design, slower performances are possible early in the burn. Smaller designs require more rapid movement at the beginning of the burn to displace some of the heat. Poison fans also work quite well for tech spinning, however, their larger size does limit their mobility for some moves. Mastering a larger size fan can add a dramatic effect to your performance.

Khaos: This is our most popular tech fan, and has been for years. This fan has been integral in the development of the tech fan spinning culture. Tried-and-true, this durable design provides a comfortable grip and great spinning dynamics. This is one of the most common fans found in tech spinning classes. Many of the popular fan moves have been invented using this fan. Because this fan is on the smaller side, and has larger wicks than another fans, it is hot. You need to keep this fan moving for the first minute or two of the burn. This fan is also great for flowing dance moves, but keep in mind you will not want to be holding them still until the flame burns down.

Hyper Lite: The Hyper Lite design has a similar grip to the Khaos, but his lighter weight and less expensive. The simpler design and slightly smaller wicks make this one of the best bang for the buck tech fans. Because of the slightly smaller wicks, these are a little cooler than the khaos. This fan is also available in a practice version that has fur instead of wicks.

Manta: The Manta fire fan is a tech spinning fan with similar dynamics to the wicked fire fan. Being simpler in design, it is more durable and cheaper than the discontinued wicked design. This fan has the weight concentrated lower towards the handle than the Khaos. Because of this, it can be slightly harder for beginners, but is highly preferred by many intermediate and advanced spinners because it requires less momentum to keep in motion.

Light Weight Khaos: The lightweight Khaos design is similar to regular chaos fan, but is made from thinner Rod and has a different grip. This is not a very durable design, and we don't recommend it unless you have a way to weld steel. We only keep this design because some people with wrist injuries are not able to use a regular weight fans. Please keep this in mind before ordering it.

Dark Angel: This fan is huge, and could actually be considered more of a prop than a fan. When you want a dramatic effect with the most fire, this fan is for you. Because of its size, the wicks are further away from your hands, making it a little easier to hold onto.

From elegant to macabre, this straightforward prop attaches to your fingertips to make fire an extension of your body. A favorite for dancers and theater, fire fingers complement your performance without learning new skills. The 10 inch long fingers attach snugly to your hands and are perfect for faster movements and performances. The 15 inch fingers can be a little more cumbersome because of the additional length and weight, however, they provide the most dramatic effect.

1" MDPE tubing: (medium density polyethylene) This is a softer more forgiving tubing ideal for our heavy hoops. These hoops are generally preferred by beginner hoopers who want to do "on body" (Regular) hooping. The fire spines are longer to get the fire away from your body and are available with more wick. This is a slower, more stable, hoop. These hoops are available in a three-piece breakdown design also.

3/4" PolyPro: (Polypropolyene) This is the most popular hoop tubing. It is available in finished fire hoops and in day hoops of various colors. Polypropylene has a stiffer and springier feel than HDPE making it more responsive. PolyPro is more prone to cracking than HDPE and cold weather, but less prone to kinking when warm. Polypropylene is slightly lighter than HDPE, but the difference is fairly insignificant. It is also the most preferred hoop for off body hoopers of all skill level.

3/4" HDPE: (high density polyethylene) This tubing is available in finished fire hoops and White Day hoops. It has a softer, slightly more forgiving feel, but is less responsive. It tends to be a little more durable than polypropylene, but is more prone to kinking in hot weather. This is the preferred hoop for most intermediate and advanced hoopers.

5/8" PolyPro: (Polypropolyene) this is our smallest and lightest weight tubing. This tubing is available in finished fire hoops and White Day hoops. This tubing is ideal for smaller hoops and mini hoops.

Hyper Wicks: While a dedicated fire hoop with threaded inserts will give you the best performance, clamp on hyper wicks offer the ultimate in versatility. Our hyper wicks system, utilizes a stainless steel hose clamp with a tig welded threaded insert attached to it. The hose clamps are available for hoops of tubing size 5/8", 3/4", 7/8" and 1". You can buy additional clamps at a reduce cost, so you can use one set of spines for many hoops. Even better, if you already own a Trick Concepts fire hoop with cable spines, you can just buy the clamps and use the spines you have. 041b061a72


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