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Limited Edition Richard Mille RM 011 “Black Phantom” Watch

Richard Mille launches a very special and super cool watch - the limited edition RM 011 automatic flyback chronograph "Black Phantom".

Richard Mille's achievements in the world of horology are unprecedented, even among the giants of Haute Horlogerie. In just over two decades, Richard Mille, the ultra-high-end sports watch brand, has reached the pinnacle of luxury watchmaking. While Richard Mille is distinct from legacy brands like Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet, it ranks alongside these watch giants.

Since the car metaphor is particularly fitting for Richard Mille, and considering they refer to their timepieces as “racing machines for the wrist,” this is the best way we can compare Richard Mille to other top brands. .....Richard Mille is like the Ferrari or Lamborghini world of watches, while Patek Philippe is the Bentley or Rolls-Royce and Rolex is the Mercedes-Benz or Porsche.

Owning a Richard Mille watch puts you in an exclusive club that only the true elite of society can afford. Essentially, this is the modern equivalent of the billionaire Masonic handshake. You will only find Richard Mille watches on the wrists of the super rich and famous because these watches are exorbitantly priced.

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Of all the Richard Mille collections, one stands out and has contributed greatly to the success of the brand: RM 011. The limited edition RM 11 Black Phantom watch you see here today is one of them. Part of the RM 011 series.

The historic RM011 automatic chronograph FELIPE MASSA series RM-011-FM

The RM 011 series can be said to be Richard Mille's most popular, iconic and sought-after series. After being launched in 2007, Richard Mille became an instant hit. The RM 011 not only put this ultra-high-end sports watch brand on the map, but it also dominated it.

The full name of the RM 011 series is Richard Mille RM 011 (RM11, RM011, RM011-FM) automatic flyback chronograph Felipe Massa.

Now part of a historic series, the RM 011 was developed in collaboration with Felipe Massa, the famous Brazilian F1 driver with 11 Grand Prix wins to his name.

The design of the RM-011-FM (Felipe Massa) is inspired by the complex engineering of F1 racing cars. It's lightweight, aerodynamic, and has a movement that delivers the absolute highest level of performance. Every detail and aspect of the RM 011 is high-tech and precise.

“Richard showed me that the spirit of watchmaking and racing is one and the same. There are constant challenges to overcome on a technical level when making watches of this level. Likewise, high-end watchmaking requires extreme physical mastery and Concentrate without any distractions.

"- Felipe Massa

RMAC1 caliber The RM 011 watch is powered by an “engine” unlike any other watch in the watch industry. It is the RMAC1 movement, an automatic chronograph with a variable-geometry rotor. This is the Ferrari F1 engine of watch games.

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RMAC1 has a 12-hour flyback chronograph function that can be reset to zero continuously. It also offers a precise 60-minute countdown timer and an annual calendar with an oversized date.

One aspect of the RMAC1 that most people don’t even know about is the variable geometry rotor, which is unique to Richard Mille. It's actually customized to the user's lifestyle. It naturally offers different settings depending on the wearer's physical activity level, helping to avoid over-winding the mainspring.

Materials and Design The RM 011 watch features Richard Mille’s signature tonneau shape, with curvaceous bezel, edges and case back. Thanks to rigorous technical exploration of materials, the RM 011 is extremely lightweight.

The RM 011 is available in gold, titanium and all of Richard Mille’s proprietary materials, including ceramic, silicon nitride, red quartz TPT ® and, like the Black Phantom limited edition shown here, carbon TZP ® . All these materials have been used in a number of limited edition watches developed in partnership with the Le Mans Classic, Lotus F1 Team, Philippe Starck and Felipe Massa, the inspiration for the entire collection.

Not only are these cases lightweight, they are also very sturdy with silent blocks. The non-slip pushers are aerodynamic, the crown is reminiscent of the smooth tires surrounding a spoked wheel, and the dials are all openworked with multi-layered sapphire crystal so you can see the watchmaking of the movement.

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All in all, the RM 011 embodies everything that Richard Mille stands for: avant-garde materials, high-tech precision and stunning design, all based on the brand’s inspiration: racing.

The watch you see here is the Richard Mille RM011-FM Black Phantom Flyback Chronograph. Like most RM 011s, this one is a very special limited edition watch. Richard Mille only produced 50 Black Phantoms. We were delighted to purchase this diamond (number 24 of 50) at Diamonds By Raymond Lee in Boca Raton.


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