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Slam Dunk Full __LINK__ Episode Tagalog Version Inter High 103

Similar to Daiki Aomine, Akashi has displayed the ability to willingly enter the Zone. This was first shown in the fourth quarter of the final match during the Winter Cup, where he was able to stop Taiga Kagami (who was also in the Zone) when he was starting his dunk, revealing his increased reaction and accuracy time.[88] Additionally Akashi in the Zone was noticed to be able to outrun Kagami (who was also in the Zone) on a fastbreak. [89] During their one on ones while both were in the zone Akashi dominated kagami. It was also shown that like Kagami's Zone, Akashi's Zone also possess a sphere of defense of equal size. Akashi upon first entering the zone willfully easily beat his teamates the Uncrowned Kings in a 3 on 1 game, leaving them on the ground out of breath while Akashi was fine.

Slam Dunk Full Episode Tagalog Version Inter High 103

A lane up is a dunk from the free-throw line. Kagami had the ability to dunk normally and very high, but in the Winter Cup, against Josei High, he ended the game by breaking through their defense, jumping from the free-throw line and dunking.[159] A lane up is very difficult, because being able to reach the basket after jumping such a distance is only possible with an extraordinary jumping strength, the kind that Kagami possesses. With the development of the lane up, he forced open the "Gate" and awakened his true abilities, reaching the same level as the Generation of Miracles. This is also called "Airwalk", which was made famous by retired NBA legend, Michael Jordan.

A move that Kuroko and Kagami often execute. One of the opponents tries to pass, but Kuroko intercepts the ball. He smacks the ball onto the ground in the direction of the basket. Kagami jumps high in the air, grabs the ball and dunks it in. They have first showed this in the match against Shinkyō Academy[163] and did it again in the game against Seihō High.[164]


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