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Dfs Cdma Tool 31 ##TOP##

the practical cdma 1x ev-do operation is to provide high data rate services for fixed users, such as internet service, voip, and video streaming, or for mobile users, such as vod and mms services. the cdma 1x ev-do technology can be effectively used for mobile convergence and ubiquitous computing, by providing high data rate services with wide coverage and mobility. it is expected that cdma 1x ev-do will be widely used for future mobile communication services.

dfs cdma tool 31

cdma 1x ev-do is the standard for second generation and upcoming fourth generation (4g) systems. ev-do is the combination of wireless broadband access and ev-do packet core, which provides high data rate services. ev-do is an evolution of a cdma 1x ev-do technology, which is used for 4g wireless broadband communication and is standardized as an evolution of the cdma 1x ev-do technology. while cdma 1x ev-do has been standardized, it is widely used for mobile communication services.

the standardization of cdma 1x ev-do is being carried out in 3gpp2 (third generation partnership project 2) and 3gpp (third generation partnership project). tia (telecommunication industry association) has published a series of standard documents for cdma 1x ev-do, and published interim standard (is)-856 in 2003. after is-856, 3gpp2 and 3gpp are planning to standardize a series of specifications for ev-do, including ev-do ip interface, ev-do physical layer, and ev-do network protocol.

tia (telecommunication industry association) has published a series of standard documents for ev-do. is-856, entitled "interim standard (is)-856: cdma2000 high rate packet data air interface specification", published in march 2003, is an interim standard for ev-do.


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