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Evangelion Jo Psp English Patch PORTABLE

===> 0127 - Rockman Dash 2 (J).iso ===> 013_Brave Story-New Traveler.iso ===> 101 in 1 Megamix.iso ===> 2 Fast 2 Furious.cso ===> 300 March To Glory.cso. For Evangelion: Jo on the PlayStation 2, a GameFAQs message board topic titled 'English patch?'

Evangelion Jo Psp English Patch


Eva 04 wrote:I hope this game get's an english release.It's horrible how Japan keeps all these games to themselfs.Since this is based off of rebuild,then this should get an english release.The first rebuild movie is getting an english release so I dont see why this cant get an english release as well. Are you Trolling? ON MY FORUM!? J/k dude look. Eva might be popular in some circles in the states, but not as much as it is in Japan, mark my words. Add to that list the huge array of cool gundam games, super robot wars, and some other titles namely dating sims(atleast for consoles).

You may remember that some time ago, I reported on the English patch for the PSP game The Last Ranker that despite some amount of hype never came to the West. I also pointed out in the same article that the Last Ranker was in the company of many other games that never came to Western shores. Evangelion games while not mentioned are among that lot.

The first draft of all in-mission scripts translated into English was published in August 2010.[15] After bringing on programmers to inject the translations into the game, the first demo of a translation patch was released in December 2014.[16]

After more revisions and releases, over 17 years after the Japanese version's release, Team NEMO released the first full translation patch for both discs of Ace Combat 3 on December 14, 2016.[17] This marked the first time the Japanese version of Ace Combat 3 could be played in its entirety in a language other than Japanese, as well as the first time an Ace Combat game received a translation patch (whether official or fan-made).

I think it would be nice for someone to make sticky for that here but in the mean time. I noticed that there are tons of great JPN games for PSP out there in the wild but no one is translated them.i wonder why is that, because some games not just look good but are pretty interesting.for example. I like evangelion jo, ko on. Is there some patch for those games in english? I think that's a good idea to list those to prevent useless topics with the sole goal asking for 'is game X translated I want to play it' and so on. Released, 100% patch: Valkyria Chronicles 3 Special Edition Itadaki Street PSP Danganronpa (only the first, the second will not be) Fushiji no Dungeon (aka Shiren the Wanderer 3) Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix La Pucelle Ragnarok Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Way of the Samurai Portable Released, Incomplete, 10% menu patches with only some text: Digimon Adventure (based on the anime) (dropped) One Piece Romance Dawn (dropped) Danball Senki Boost (dropped) Little Busters!

The other two are at 100%, as far as I know. Pretty sure sufficiently completed patches have already been released for all of these. I can't say they're all exactly at 100% English, but there's pretty much complete save for one or two things. 350c69d7ab


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