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The winter weather is here, which means winter roads are also here. Driving in the winter can be tough, especially when the roads are covered in snow, ice, and slush. One of the safest ways to commute this winter is with a pickup truck. Consider these pre-owned trucks for winter driving:

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Louisiana-based company Power Performance Enterprises Inc. (PPEI) and its President and owner, Kory B. Willis, pleaded guilty to criminal charges today in federal court in Sacramento, California. Both defendants pleaded guilty to conspiracy to violate the Clean Air Act and to violating the Clean Air Act by tampering with the monitoring devices of emissions control systems of diesel trucks.

Programs accept applications at different times throughout the year. Most applications are submitted online through the Pennsylvania Electronic Single Application system. Use this list to find information on application periods, eligibility, where to apply, and other details for all grant programs managed by the DEP Grants Office. For more general questions, call the Grants Office at (717) 705-5400.

Projects eligible for grants under the AMD Set Aside grant program must be in watersheds covered by a Qualified Hydrologic Unit Plan (QHUP, formerly Hydrologic Unit Plan) or in areas where a QHUP is being developed as defined by the federal SMCRA under the 2006 reauthorization. The primary focus of the grants is abatement of AMD and/or treatment of AMD through treatment facility system construction. Grants may also be awarded for the design of treatment systems, or the operation and maintenance of existing passive and active treatment systems. Priority will be given to projects supportive of goals established in the appropriate QHU.

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*The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price excludes destination freight charge, tax, title, license, dealer fees and optional equipment. Click here to see all Chevrolet vehicles' destination freight charges.

The shipping process seemed to take forever. At first all went well, and a couple weeks after paying, my truck was headed to the port. It sat around for another couple weeks until it made it into a container and onto a boat, then six weeks later, the boat arrived in Miami. The only problem was that my truck was no longer on it. No one knew where it went and I spent several days calling the forwarding company, the logistics company, my customs broker, and the Chinese trading company. No one could explain it.

The cage it was shipped in was beaten to hell and back, but the truck was miraculously fine. There I unboxed the truck, a process for which I was glad to have charged up my angle grinder in advance. Ultimately the un-crating went decently well with only a few hiccups that I caught on video along with my first test rides (of course my dad and wife who were both on hand to watch the show unfold were quick to volunteer to test it out).

I did a test with a Jackery 1500 solar electric generator and found that I could get a solid charge from the sun with 400W of solar panels, though it would require lugging around the unit and panels, or creating a semi-permanent installation somewhere around here.

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There are jobs where you earn a living. Then there are GM jobs that help you make a life. We celebrate our more than 51,000 U.S. manufacturing employees who are all one-of-a-kind. From community leaders, to mentors, to U.S. Veterans. Meet some of the people we are proud to have as a part of Team GM.

At the beginning of the year, Tesla, in a bid to fund a doubling of its fast-charge network, withdrew a big perk from the purchase of one of its vehicles: free Supercharger use. No longer would new buyers be able to sail off in their new Tesla, confident in their ability to juice up at one of the 750-plus stations scattered across North America. Owners who purchased their vehicle prior to January 1st were grandfathered. 041b061a72


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