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Guide Officiel Fallout 4 Francais Pdf 241

in the case of uncorrected fallout measurements, experimental errors in laboratory measurements, such as the decay correction process, as well as uncertainties in the measurements in each depth layer, are impacting the maximum activity estimate (supplementary fig. 2). in addition, significant decay time variations for 134cs in the range of 50 to over 2,000years have been reported 37 .

Guide Officiel Fallout 4 Francais Pdf 241

the 137cs activity inventory is available at a 1km2 spatial resolution for the entire european union except the baltic region. for the baltic region, the 1km2 resolution inventory maps are available only for the netherlands, with a total inventory available at this resolution of 15.7bqm2. the inventory maps are also available at a 1km2 resolution for france and switzerland, with a total inventory of 5.95bqm2, and at a resolution of 5km2 for germany (representing a 137cs inventory of 43.4bqm2), switzerland, denmark and belgium with respective inventories of 56.3bqm2, 51.3bqm2, 42.2bqm2 and 30.4bqm2 (fig. 10). for the netherlands, other inventories of 137cs are available at a 2.5km2 resolution, which is represented by all other countries in the eu at a resolution of 500m2.

in the case of the 239+240pu inventory, an artificial global fallout model (a-gfm) is available at a resolution of 5km2, which is spatial resolution of the eu at a resolution of 1km2 and used in the current research. for local inventories, a set of seven soil core sampling-acquired, layered, depth-dependent samples collected across a 1km2 location in northern germany were available at 5, 10, 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100cm depth. samples were mixed together in layers and the bulk density and the total mass per layer was calculated. the activity of 239+240pu was measured in total 10 soil samples, resulting in an inventory of 24.6bqm2, which corresponds to the most area-weighted 95% prediction confidence interval of the model predictions based on the seven soil samples (fig. 5). the activity ratio between the two radionuclides in the top 10cm of the soil was 71.1%, which corresponds to the best estimate predicted by the a-gfm model.


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