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Top Spin 3 Pc Telecharger [WORK]

Top Spin 3 Pc Telecharger ->>->>->>

Supported Operating SystemsTopSpin 4 requires a 64 bit operating system. Windows 10 or CentOS 7 are required for spectrometer control. Processing version of Topspin is available for Windows 10, CentOS 7 and macOS. Detailed list of supported operating system may be found here.

SPIN READMEOverview of this File Downloading Spin Installing Spin Related software (gcc, cpp, tcl/tk wish, yacc, dot, etch, jspin, erigone, spinja, ltl2ba) 0. OverviewThis readme file contains the guidelines fordownloading and installing Spin and related software on Unix/Linux and Windowsplatforms. Refer to Spin'shomepage for a general description of Spin, with pointers to manual pages, tutorials,introductory papers, books, etc.Spin is distributed freely in source form to encourage research in formalverification, and to help a support friendly and open exchange of algorithms,ideas, and tools.Copyright and LicenseThe original version of the Spin source code was developed by Gerard Holzmannat Bell Laboratories between 1980 and 1990. It was first publically releasedin January 1991, initially through the Netlib source code repository.It has been distributed freely since then for research and educational purposes,without any guarantee of any kind expressed or implied.On 30 December 2015 Alcatel-Lucent (the company that inherited Bell Laboratoriesfrom AT&T in the trivestiture from 1996) transfered the copyright to all sourcesto Gerard Holzmann, explicitly to enable a standard open source releaseunder the BSD 3-Clause license. Starting with Spin Version 6.4.5 all Spin code,sources and executables, are now available under the BSD 3-Clause license.Spin is also part of the stable release of Debian, and is starting to show upin newer Ubuntu releases (16.10+), so that you'll soon be able to install it witha standard sudo apt-get install spin command.From the early development of the Plan9 Operating System, Spin has also beenpart of that distribution and versions can be found, for instance, in theversion distributed by UC Berkeley.1. Downloading SpinSpin runs on Unix,Solaris, and Linux machines, on most flavors of Windows PCs, and on Macs.Precompiled binary executables for some popular types of machines are availablein theSpin Binaries.All binaries have an extension that matches the Spin version number,such as spin649.exe. To install the binary, rename it tospin.exe and copy it into your bin directory.If you have machine type that is not available there, or if you areinstalling Spin for the first time, then follow the more detailed instructionsbelow. Unix systems: download the most recent .tar-file with sources, the graphical interface iSpin, documentation and examples from the Spin Distribution, and continue at Step 2a.

2. Installing Spin Unix/Linux systems (compiled from the sources) Windows PC's (using the executable) Macs (compiled from the sources, with some patches) 2a. Installing Spin on a Unix/LinuxSystemPlace the *.tar.gz file from the Spin Source Distribution in clean directory, and cd to that directory. If you have a standard Unix/Linux system, unpack the archive, and compile an executable, for instance as follows: gunzip *.tar.gztar -xf *.tarcd Src*make If you are on a SOLARIS system, edit the makefile and add -DSOLARIS to the compiler directives in the makefile before you type 'make'. Similarly, if you use a different C compiler than defined in the makefile, edit the makefile first. You need to have at least a C compiler and a copy of yacc. If all else fails, you can also compile everything with the following line:yacc -v -d spin.y; cc -o spin *.c Spin should compile without warnings. Install the executable version of spin in a directory that is within your default search path (such as your home bin directory, or /usr/local/bin etc.) On Unix/Linux systems Spin assumes that the standard C preprocessor cpp is stored in file "/lib/cpp". On some systems this is different: check the comments in the makefile for details if you run into this problem. Testi


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