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Roundup: First-Look Impressions Of The New Mac Pro

Stay tuned for more analysis and perspective on all of the news out of WWDC, including iOS 7, the new MacBook Airs, the Mavericks OS, and more. Meanwhile, you can check out some of the first impressions of the folks at ZDNet and view the galleries by visiting the links below.

Roundup: First-Look Impressions of the New Mac Pro

Ahead of the new MacBook Pros going on sale, the first set of first impressions, reviews, and unboxing of the new machines have gone live. The first impressions are overwhelmingly positive, with publishers appreciating that Apple has listened to user feedback and incorporated the changes they wanted. Check out our MacBook Pro review and first impressions roundup below.

The first Apple M1-powered Macs are arriving to customers around the world, and reviewers are hitting the web with the first impressions on how Apple Silicon performs inside the latest MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13, and Mac mini. The overall design including the case, screen, battery, keyboard, touchpad, and Touch Bar remain unchanged, so it's mostly about the upgraded guts in these machines.

A pro chimes in with his long-term impressions of DJI's Mavic 3. While there were ups and downs, filmmaker José Fransisco Salgado found that in his use of the drone, firmware updates have made it better with every passing month.

Going through 29 eerily uncanny celebrity impressions in one original song, Rob Cantor nails the voices of everyone from Randy Newman to Britney Spears. His Gwen Stefani impersonation in particular will have you questioning whether or not he's actually like No Doubt singer in disguise.


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