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Iraivan Kodutha Varam: A Tamil Romance Novel by Ramanichandran - Free PDF Download

Iraivan Kodutha Varam Ramani Chandran Novel Pdf 13

If you are a fan of Tamil novels, you might have heard of Iraivan Kodutha Varam, a popular book by the prolific author Ramani Chandran. This novel is a captivating story of love, family, and destiny that will keep you hooked till the end. In this article, we will give you a brief overview of what this novel is about, who wrote it, and why it is worth reading. We will also provide you with a summary of the plot, an analysis of the theme and style, and some FAQs that you might have about this novel.

Iraivan Kodutha Varam Ramani Chandran Novel Pdf 13

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Iraivan Kodutha Varam is a Tamil novel written by Ramani Chandran, one of the most popular and prolific writers in the Tamil language. She has written over 178 novels and many short stories, mostly in the romance genre. Her novels are known for their engaging plots, realistic characters, and emotional appeal. She has a huge fan following among Tamil readers, especially women.

Iraivan Kodutha Varam was published in 2011 by Arunothayam Publishers. It has 257 pages and is available in pdf format for free download from various online sources. The title of the novel means "The boon given by God" in English. It is a story of how two people who are destined to be together overcome various obstacles and challenges in their lives.

Summary of the novel

Main characters

The novel has two main characters:

  • Karthik: He is the hero of the story. He is a handsome and successful businessman who runs his own company. He is also a kind and generous person who helps others in need. He falls in love with Nithya at first sight and decides to marry her.

  • Nithya: She is the heroine of the story. She is a beautiful and innocent girl who lives with her widowed mother and younger sister. She works as a teacher in a school and supports her family financially. She is unaware of Karthik's feelings for her and considers him as a friend.

Plot overview

The novel begins with Karthik meeting Nithya for the first time at a temple. He is instantly attracted to her and follows her to her home. He learns that she lives with her mother and sister, who are struggling to make ends meet. He offers to help them financially and becomes their benefactor. He also starts visiting them frequently and becomes friends with Nithya.

Nithya, on the other hand, does not realize that Karthik loves her. She thinks that he is just a good friend who cares for her family. She also has a past that haunts her. She was engaged to another man, Rajesh, who cheated on her and left her for another woman. She was heartbroken and lost her trust in men. She decided to focus on her career and family and not to marry anyone.

Karthik, however, is determined to win Nithya's love and trust. He proposes to her and asks her to marry him. Nithya is shocked and confused. She does not want to hurt Karthik, but she also does not want to marry him. She tells him that she needs some time to think. Karthik agrees and gives her some space.

Meanwhile, Rajesh, who is now married to another woman, comes back into Nithya's life. He apologizes to her and tells her that he still loves her. He also tells her that his wife is a cruel and greedy woman who tortures him and his parents. He asks Nithya to forgive him and take him back. Nithya is disgusted by his words and rejects him. She also tells him that she is engaged to Karthik.

Rajesh is furious and jealous. He decides to ruin Nithya's life and happiness. He plots with his wife and some goons to kidnap Nithya and force her to marry him. He also plans to kill Karthik and his parents.

Will Rajesh succeed in his evil plans? Will Nithya be able to escape from his clutches? Will Karthik be able to save Nithya and his family? Will Nithya realize her love for Karthik and accept his proposal? How will God intervene in their lives and give them the boon they deserve? To find out the answers, you have to read the novel yourself.

Analysis of the novel


The main theme of the novel is the power of love and destiny. The novel shows how love can overcome any obstacle and challenge in life. It also shows how destiny plays a role in bringing two people together who are meant for each other. The novel also explores the themes of family, friendship, trust, betrayal, forgiveness, and justice.


The novel is written in a simple and easy-to-read language. The author uses a conversational style as if she is talking to the reader directly. She also uses informal tone, personal pronouns, rhetorical questions, analogies, and metaphors to make the story more engaging and interesting. The author also uses humor, suspense, drama, and romance to keep the reader hooked till the end.


The novel received positive reviews from the readers and critics alike. It was praised for its captivating plot, realistic characters, emotional appeal, and moral values. It was also appreciated for its portrayal of Tamil culture, traditions, and values. The novel was a bestseller and sold many copies. It was also adapted into a television serial by the same name.


Iraivan Kodutha Varam is a novel that will touch your heart and soul. It is a story of love, family, and destiny that will inspire you and make you believe in miracles. It is a novel that will make you laugh, cry, and smile with its characters. It is a novel that you will not regret reading.

If you are looking for a good Tamil novel to read, you should definitely give Iraivan Kodutha Varam a try. You can download the pdf version of the novel for free from various online sources. You can also watch the television serial based on the novel if you prefer visual media.

We hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new about this novel. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Thank you for reading!


  • Where can I download Iraivan Kodutha Varam pdf for free?

You can download Iraivan Kodutha Varam pdf for free from various online sources such as Tamil Books PDF, Chillzee, or Ebook Queue. However, we recommend that you buy the original book from Arunothayam Publishers or any other authorized seller to support the author.

  • How many pages are there in Iraivan Kodutha Varam novel?

Iraivan Kodutha Varam novel has 257 pages in total. It is divided into 13 chapters with an epilogue.

  • Is Iraivan Kodutha Varam a romance novel?

  • Is Iraivan Kodutha Varam a romance novel?

Yes, Iraivan Kodutha Varam is a romance novel that focuses on the love story of Karthik and Nithya. However, it also has elements of family drama, suspense, and thriller. It is a novel that appeals to a wide range of readers who enjoy different genres.

  • What are some other famous novels by Ramani Chandran?

Ramani Chandran has written over 178 novels and many short stories in Tamil. Some of her most famous novels are Avanum Avalum, Adi Vazhai, Anbin Thanmai Arintha Pinne, Aasai Aasai Aasai, Irulukku Pin Varum Jothi, Geetha, and many more. You can find a complete list of her novels with the hint of the story on Scribd.

  • How can I contact Ramani Chandran?

Ramani Chandran is a very private person and does not have any official social media accounts or websites. She prefers to communicate with her fans through her books and interviews. If you want to contact her, you can try writing to her publisher Arunothayam or sending her a fan mail to their address.



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