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Princess Fatale Gallery Extra Quality

Sexy and young, femdom princess Fatale is humiliating stupid male slave and forcing him to dress like a female. She is using help from also young and dominant femdom mistress until they complete their task. Click on femdom fetish photo above and you will see both young bitches in sexy stockings while they torture this slave in toilet

princess fatale gallery

Three months into production, Tale of Tales are ready to showthe first visuals of their upcoming release, tentatively entitled"Fatale". The pictures display Salome, the biblical princess whodemanded the head of John the Baptist as a reward for dancing forKing Herod. Undisclosed so far, Salome was designed, modelled andtextured for the project by leading game artist Takayoshi Sato, ofSilent Hill fame.

The character of Salome is complex because "Fatale" is designedto evoke all possible interpretations of her legend simultaneously.Salome is at once the mighty princess who mercilessly seduces mento their downfall and an innocent child on the brink of womanhoodwho is manipulated by the grown-ups that surround her. But she isalso just a girl, a teenager who falls in love with the wrong manat the wrong time. She gets a first taste of the sweetness and thebitterness that we all know so well. And then there's the Salomecreated by Oscar Wilde: a mad woman, lurking in the shadows of oursouls, a selfish, passionate, wilful creature who will stop atnothing to get what she wants.

A Transformation kink creator.\nContent focused mostly on Latex, Leather and Gender Transformations.\nIf you like my writings please Tip! My Tippers are rewarded for their kindness.\n\nNote: Pictures used are found without sources.\nIf you own any images used here please message me with proof to add a link to your profile or to remove it.\n","avatar":"https:\/\/\/avatar_b34d0c1d9fa2_96.pnj","blocks":null,"total":759,"updated":1674618039,"nsfw":false,"partial":false},"posts":[{"detected_type":"photo","blocks":[{"layout":[],"content":["type":"text","text":"Fatalization","subtype":"heading1","type":"text","text":"Sat in a dark room of a semi detached house in Russia sat a young man known by his alias as Bass Canon. He had recently moved there for a few months as a business venture with a local beauty and dominatrix of rubber known by her alias as Princess Fatale. Bass had been into the kinks and fetish of rubber for years now. He had even trained his fans and friends into rubber queens themselves, sending them on to spread the shiny addiction to as many victims as possible. Yet to his disappointment he was never converted himself, no opportunity to become a rubber goddess had ever presented itself\u2026 until now.","type":"text","text":"A friend and converted fan via the hand of Bass himself introduced him to Princess Fatale as tribute and subject to one of many play sessions together. Bass at first used her as another woman to play with without much thought behind who she was or her origin, however as time went on and more sessions played out Fatales very body had caused Bass to become addicted.","type":"text","text":"Bass decided to send an email one day to Princess in hopes to see if he could play out a little corruption scene for one of her photo shoots. He didn\u2019t expect much nor even a response from such a queen but to his amazement she in fact did and was happy to collaborate on this project with him after seeing some old stories he wrote about female superiority.","type":"text","text":"The joint project the two rubber enthusiasts had agreed to was a conversion photo shoot of Bass into a rubber goddess. Make-up, latex and training were included and in return Princess Fatale gained a new gallery for her ever increasing site of lewdness. Bass adored the idea of being like Fatale even if just for photos, he could learn much and be able to enhance his own conversation skills for future victims or if he was lucky settle down as a Mistress of latex with his new found friend.\u00a0","type":"text","text":"After a few back and forth emails about details a date was set and Bass went to meet with Fatale to discuss the collaboration details. A local coffee shop small but cosy as recommended by Fatale was the location. Sipping a cup of hot coffee bass awaited Fatales arrival with excitement, shortly after his eyes looked up as heels clicked on stone floors and the Princess arrived adorned in latex with her wicked smile.","height":693,"width":463,"hd":"https:\/\/\/2fb5838f4a57618c9be6f474f63b028d\/ebceaf2507da9065-35\/s500x750\/135ab847b661670427ca4e32cab5e31b602a4269.pnj","md":"https:\/\/\/2fb5838f4a57618c9be6f474f63b028d\/ebceaf2507da9065-35\/s400x600\/b1031fac7705f4bc0e25b15584bfc5f0659ee6a8.pnj","sd":"https:\/\/\/2fb5838f4a57618c9be6f474f63b028d\/ebceaf2507da9065-35\/s250x400\/9036b675f22720e360439b182048f229cd293a3f.pnj","xd":"https:\/\/\/2fb5838f4a57618c9be6f474f63b028d\/ebceaf2507da9065-35\/s75x75_c1\/cbd7d72636b78fcf454ce74e49bcf02457c3a839.pnj","type":"image","alt":"image","type":"text","text":"He stood and bowed his head to her with a smile.","type":"text","text":"\u201cPrincess, an honour to meet you.\u201d","type":"text","text":"Fatale smiled back gently pushing his shoulder until he fell back into his seat.","type":"text","text":"\u201cOf course it is darling, now shall we get to business?\u201d\u00a0","type":"text","text":"Princess Fatale took a seat opposite bass, after a moment a serving boy rushed over with a finely prepared drink and placed in before her.\n\n\u201cThank you Sebastian.\u201d She spoke.","type":"text","text":"The boy smiled and nodded with a blushing face before rushing off again. Bass noticed she had not paid for the drink, she didn\u2019t even order it. In fact the whole staff kind of watched her in awe and amazement before she gave them a wicked stare causing them to quickly dissipate.","type":"text","text":"\u201cNow, for this shoot I have set up in my dungeon my conversion tools, rubber toys and as requested my red and black outfit with my highest and sharpest heels. I trust you brought your gloves you wanted to include?\u201d\n\n\u201cYes Princess I did, I must say this is a real pleasure and I look forward to making the hottest gallery ever to be posted.\u201d Bass smiled taking a sip.\n\nFatale chuckled a little looking Bass up and down. She smiled as she played with a crop, twirling it in one hand.","type":"text","text":"\u201cI will make you into a Fatale the world will melt upon seeing. You will be perfection and at my side a sister in sadistic rubber. This gallery will break the very web it\u2019s posted on.\u201d","type":"text","text":"Bass blushed, this was like a dream come true. Him? A Fatale Goddess? It was an amazing feeling. A rush of pleasure through his mind. He could not screw it up if she wanted it she had to have it. Shortly after Fatale stood and handed her card over to Bass.","type":"text","text":"\u201cTime, date and location. Don\u2019t be late.\u201d Fatale spoke soft yet stern as she walked hips swaying back to her car before driving away. The customers and staff staring before snapping out of trance to resume their day.","type":"text","text":"Bass smiled wide taking the card and rushing home. To his amazement it was the next day at noon planned to last until midnight. He studied the Princess close from videos to biographies and shined his newly obtained latex gloves ready for the day he would finally evolve to perfection.\nBass spent the night tossing and turning. His dreams so real and sexy as he was forced into a new Fatale form over and over. Each change more sexy than the last. He moaned and came over and over again before at last the alarm clock rang as the day of his transformation had come.","type":"text","text":"He leapt out of bed and packed his overnight bag. His gloves sealed separate and Fatales card in hand. Grabbing the nearest taxi he was driven away several miles throughout Russia before reaching the manor house of Princess Fatale. The gates opened as Bass left the taxis warmth into the cold winds and began his trek up the path to the door. Three loud knocks and the door soon opened, a maid stood tall with a smile.","type":"text","text":"\u201cHello Mr Bass, Princess Fatale is waiting for you.\u201d The maid took his bag and welcomed him inside. She placed it on a rack and went down some dark stairs in a clear hurry to run an errand.\u00a0","type":"text","text":"Bass had a look around, he admired the place fondly. Latex busts of dolls, drones and women sat against the hallway walls. Paintings of Mistresses from years past hung from a high. A tribute tray filled with money and gold jewellery from men desperate for Fatales attention. He blushed a little thinking about how he would soon join them.","type":"text","text":"Princess Fatale stood atop her lobby stairs watching Bass take a little tour. She smiled a wicked grin stroking her form in the outfit Bass had requested she wore.","type":"text","text":"\u201cDo you like? I spent a fair few years putting this place together. A monument to women and rubber and the power we have over men like you. Soon you\u2019ll see this from our point of view.\u201d","type":"text","text":"Fatale smiled as she walked down, heels clicking with gloved hand running down a polished banister. Bass stood in awe seeing her outfit so wanting to touch.","type":"text","text":"\u201cI do Miss Fatale! It\u2019s amazing and truly a monument to the fact of how women are the best of humanity.\u201d\u00a0","type":"text","text":"Fatale walked to Bass her latex gloved finger brushing his chin.","type":"text","text":"\u201cCome, we have no time to waste. Follow me to my playroom. It\u2019s time you join the side of the ladies you admire so much.\u201d","type":"text","text":"Bass nodded excitedly as he took his gloves from the bag stored nearby and followed Fatale down into a dark unknown place the maid has gone before.","type":"text","text":"As he entered through steel gates that swiftly locked behind him, candle light flickered showing a dungeon of rubber, toys and cages. Laid out on a shiny bed were clothing of latex, pure black, red and feminine. Smooth and tight it called out to him, next to it a pair of high heeled boots that sent shivers up his spine and gave his cock a shudder.","type":"text","text":"\u201cWelcome and enjoy the sights of my prison. Here I will craft you into perfection. My twin sister of rubber and lust. You will never return to your past. You will pledge your soul and your form to me.\u201d Princess spoke loud and stern cracking a cane in hand.","type":"text","text":"Bass knelled as lust overtook him. This must be the role-play part of the training he thought. He wasn\u2019t going to deny his mistress of anything.","type":"text","text":"\u201cYes Princess Fatale. I am yours to mould. Yours to perfect. I offer my soul so I may become a goddess like you!\u201d","type":"text","text":"Fatale smiled and laughed wickedly as she took a whip from her wall cracking it over the back of Bass.","type":"text","text":"\u201cThen strip my new rubber slut! Strip bare so I may encase you in permanent rubber!\u201d","type":"text","text":"Bass shuddered in both pain and pleasure. He stood pulling his shirt up and over his head tossing it aside. His pants quickly pulled down and thrown away though slightly embarrassed Bass stood now naked as Fatale snapped her fingers causing the maid from before to step forward in her latex dress with a razor.","type":"text","text":"\u201cShave his body girl. I want him smooth. Then my power can roll over him without resistance.\u201d","type":"text","text":"\u201cYes Miss Fatale.\u201d The maid walked to Bass holding him still, she ran the razor as it buzzed away up and down his legs, up over his arms, over his chest and back and to his surprise over his armpits and cock.","type":"text","text":"Bass blushed as he grew erect.\u00a0","type":"text","text":"\u201cAwe the horny boy like the rubber touch of a woman?\u201d Fatale whispered into his ear.\u00a0","type":"text","text":"\u201cYes Miss\u201d Bass responded with his breaking voice.","type":"text","text":"Fatale nodded and the maid walked to the bed. Standing straight waiting for orders. Bass watched the maid walk with swaying hips before Fatale grabbed him, throwing him to the rubber floor and stepping on his back. ","height":850,"width":750,"hd":"https:\/\/\/870a8487f246e906b2e3d8b338051140\/ebceaf2507da9065-ff\/s1280x1920\/44cdad2716f8aba2410bba260070829fa9ec5d37.pnj","md":"https:\/\/\/870a8487f246e906b2e3d8b338051140\/ebceaf2507da9065-ff\/s400x600\/860941ce6c3c769d162bad9659ec0db248beb623.pnj","sd":"https:\/\/\/870a8487f246e906b2e3d8b338051140\/ebceaf2507da9065-ff\/s250x400\/e6d9fa008cd50a7c00c00895380f7a0574d92360.pnj","xd":"https:\/\/\/870a8487f246e906b2e3d8b338051140\/ebceaf2507da9065-ff\/s75x75_c1\/92904a0285b3bbdfc132a0527b167b5cef4aa3dd.pnj","type":"image","alt":"image","type":"text","text":"\u201cNow I\u2019m going to work you hard, only the anger and pleasure together can create the cyka!\u201d\u00a0","type":"text","text":"Bass gulped as a cold drip was felt on his now smooth ass. With a thrust he yelled as Fatale forced a large rubber vibrator up into his body. Locking it in with chastity it\u2019s buzzing reached the weak spot and Bass moaned loud limp and helpless.","type":"text","text":"Fatale smiled as she rolled Bass over, sitting on his cage she slapped him across the face with her rubber glove. Bass yelled in pain and pleasure both loving and hating these feelings.","type":"text","text":"\u201cYou fucking slut. Why would I make you a goddess? You\u2019re pathetic!\u201d Fatale yelled in his face slapping him again.","type":"text","text":"\u201cBecause I deserve it Mistress!\u201d Bass yelled back in frustration of edging and pain.\u00a0","type":"text","text":"Fatale stood taking her cane and striking Bass over his bare chest.","type":"text","text":"\u201cNo you don\u2019t! You deserve to be abused and tossed out with the trash! You fucking lowlife!\u201d","type":"text","text":"Fatale struck him again before clamping a steel collar over his neck and pulling him to a nearby cage.","type":"text","text":"Bass moaned again as the caged locked, Fatale happily whipped and caned him through the bars. This lasted hours and by the end Bass was horny, angry and ready for a fight. Fatale dragged him out the cage once more throwing him to the floor.\u00a0","type":"text","text":"\u201cNow tell me why you deserve anything from me you pathetic male.\u201d","type":"text","text":"Bass lifted his head up slowly, yelping in pain before looking at her dead in the eyes.\u00a0","type":"text","text":"\u201cBecause I\u2019m a fucking Goddess you cyka whore!!\u201d Bass yelled loudly at Fatale.","type":"text","text":"Fatale laughed loudly as even her maid smiled a little.","type":"text","text":"\u201cGood cyka! Then you are ready to finally become someone who fucking matters.\u201d","type":"text","text":"\u201cYes! Give it to me now before I take it from you!\u201d\u00a0","type":"text","text":"Fatale smiled as she raised her boot, dripping red from the wounds inflicted on Bass. With a loud grunt she impaled her sharp heel into the very heart of Bass. Bass yelled in pain and shock, his heart ached and raced double it\u2019s pace. The feeling of corruption like death and power mixed started to spread in his chest.","type":"text","text":"\u201cYES! CYKA! CORRUPT ME!\u201d Bass yelled loudly as a black rubber liquid seeped from his wound.","type":"text","text":"Fatale watched without emotion. She twisted the heel and the rubber that spread over his chest started to form. Tight and shiny two round hills of flesh began to inflate. Pushing up against the tightness of the rubber before it gave way cupping his new growing breasts snug and showing off two large erect nipples. Bass moaned in pain and pleasure, his anger and cyka attitude becoming dominant.","type":"text","text":"Next Fatale raised her other boot, slamming it down atop his caged cock causing the cage to shatter. The heel stabbing his cock back into his body. His screams of anguish reached higher levels as the warm black rubber began to spread over what was left of his junk.","height":523,"width":780,"hd":"https:\/\/\/99c05132df30c15a78b5a434de64317c\/ebceaf2507da9065-ae\/s1280x1920\/f9f8868db1cdfbf5f46591dfddfac1437888a779.pnj","md":"https:\/\/\/99c05132df30c15a78b5a434de64317c\/ebceaf2507da9065-ae\/s400x600\/8adaf11d3b518b5bf86bbade77f445726d7a6250.pnj","sd":"https:\/\/\/99c05132df30c15a78b5a434de64317c\/ebceaf2507da9065-ae\/s250x400\/22fd112cda17f2e210b425610e970410f34de232.pnj","xd":"https:\/\/\/99c05132df30c15a78b5a434de64317c\/ebceaf2507da9065-ae\/s75x75_c1\/586f87989225b1e4c3ba7088d9199f64f0ad0cd9.pnj","type":"image","alt":"image","type":"text","text":"Round his ass and down his legs the rubber expanded his butt cheeks out to large round peaches, his breasts grew to Fatale size before settling in their shiny prison. His cock ached but soon pain became pleasure as a tight, wet vagina started to form over the heel of Fatales boot.\u00a0","type":"text","text":"\u201cOhhhh Cyka! I feel powerful! Da! I\u2019m a fucking rubber Goddess! A merciless Bitch!\u201d Bass would yell, his body crushing to a smaller and curvier state under the rubber.\u00a0","type":"text","text":"Fatale smiled as she pulled her heels from Basses body. She sat on his breasts as his wounds healed and his arms and legs were coated in tight black latex. She grabbed his throat and started to choke him, her other hand pulling at his hair.\u00a0","type":"text","text":"He gasped and sputtered as he felt something invading him. His neck started to shrink under Fatales gloved hand, his voice rising higher and feminine. His hair was growing, longer and brown. Fatale was pulling it out of his skull until it reached the same length as hers. His face then began to bubble and crack, trying to scream and yell under Fatales grip as it morphed and rearranged in structure. Fatale had her maid fetch a mirror and she showed Bass his new look. He saw something he had only dreamed about. He was Fatale! ","height":862,"width":571,"hd":"https:\/\/\/9b2839552367a9b4e85ce7c285bd85a9\/ebceaf2507da9065-39\/s640x960\/79db6c951e58e3070575c2976770496dde7c2569.pnj","md":"https:\/\/\/9b2839552367a9b4e85ce7c285bd85a9\/ebceaf2507da9065-39\/s500x750\/012fbe86a6366b2bd960b4a280751e6b0f84429d.pnj","sd":"https:\/\/\/9b2839552367a9b4e85ce7c285bd85a9\/ebceaf2507da9065-39\/s250x400\/59545adc04c1b94246851b9a197729348f4a27d3.pnj","xd":"https:\/\/\/9b2839552367a9b4e85ce7c285bd85a9\/ebceaf2507da9065-39\/s75x75_c1\/f3dfa298d7701423e1b1fcceb4414ad8a200136a.pnj","type":"image","alt":"image","type":"text","text":"Fatale let Bass go as he gasped for air. She smiled looking down at the rubber clad Russian beauty she had created.\u00a0","type":"text","text":"\u201cNow it\u2019s time for the last step. To forget your past. To form a new one. As my Sestra.\u201d","type":"text","text":"Bass took a deep breath looking at himself then at fatale.\u00a0","type":"text","text":"\u201cDa Sesta. Let me be reborn! Make me into the goddess of rubber i deserve to be!\u201d","type":"text","text":"Fatale leaned in kissing basses smooth lips as his eyes opened wide in surprise. He squirmed and moaned under her as his mind broke into a thousand pieces. His past morphing into one as Cindy Fatale, the twin sestra of Princess Fatale. The pleasure built in his new pussy as memories of Russian education and domination took hold. He\u2026 no she was a goddess of rubber! A fucking cyka who got anything she wanted. Just like sestra.\u00a0","typ


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