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Where To Buy Travel Coffee Mugs

I spoke to two engineers about mug design, Dr. Hongbin (Bill) Ma, director of the Center of Thermal Management at the University of Missouri and owner of ThermAvant Technologies, and Dr. Michael Dickey, a professor of chemical and environmental engineering at North Carolina State University. To learn about ideal coffee and tea drinking temperatures and how these beverages break down over time, I emailed Rachel Sandstrom Morrison, a digital editor at Fresh Cup magazine. Rachel also reached out to Michael Wise, the director of coffee at Dapper & Wise and a licensed Q grader (basically, a coffee sommelier) to find out how long coffee will really stay good in a travel mug.

where to buy travel coffee mugs

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Travel mugs, as their name implies, are for people who want to take beverages on the go. In addition to being portable, travel mugs also retain hot or cold temperatures for several hours so you can enjoy your coffee, tea, or cocoa over time. Compared to paper or styrofoam to-go cups or open ceramic mugs, a good travel mug will offer better insulation and also safeguard against leaks or spills. If you commute, work or travel outside, or simply want to savor drinks for longer, a travel mug is for you.

You can also save money and reduce your environmental impact, by taking a drink in a travel mug versus buying one on the go. According to a 2012 report, the average American spends $1,092 a year on coffee. And according to a 2014 CNN report, over 50 billion paper cups are thrown away every year (many paper cups are lined with plastic, making them unrecyclable). A travel mug offers green solutions to both problems.

When designing tests for this update, I considered the everyday wear and tear that a travel mug might go through in a variety of real-world scenarios: on bike commutes, cars, trains, fishing boats, and beyond. I tested mugs for leaks, dropped them, measured how long they could keep drinks warm in a cold environment. I also hand washed them, took apart their lids, and tested them in cup holders and with a various brewing devices.

First, I did an overnight leak test. I filled each of the travel mugs with water and several drops of green food dye, laid them down on a bed of paper towels and tarp on my kitchen floor (sorry, roommate), and left them overnight. I disqualified any mug with a green stain on the paper towel underneath in the morning.

To see how versatile mug sizes were, I tried putting the mugs in a bike cup holder and in the cup holders of a 2010 Hyundai Elantra. I tried putting a pour-over dripper and an Aeropress on each mug, and measured each opening to see whether our favorite tea steeper would fit. I also asked several Wirecutter staffers to measure the height of their Keurigs to get an idea whether mugs would fit under a single-serve coffee maker. Most reported 6-7.5 inches of clearance after removing a bottom platform.

The Zojirushi SM-SC is the absolute best travel mug for keeping drinks hot for long periods of time. It features impressive thermal-retention abilities, and has a thoroughly leak-proof, locking lid. Compared to similar Zojirushi mugs, the SM-SC is a bit slimmer and lighter, and more comfortable to drink out of. This mug comes in 12-, 16-, and 20-ounce sizes (the SM-SC36, SM-SC48, and SM-SC60 respectively). After spending close to 78 hours on research and testing and considering more than 98 travel mugs over four years, we have no doubt that this is the best travel mug you can get.

After more than 30 hours researching dozens of tea steepers, and drinking tea made in 15 infusers, teapots, and travel mugs over the past two years, we found that the Finum Brewing Basket is the best option.

You can enjoy freshly steeped loose leaf tea on the go with this insulated travel mug from Mira, which comes with a convenient strainer that fits right into the mouth of the bottle. The 18-ounce mug is made from durable stainless steel with a sweat-free exterior. It can also be used as a standard coffee mug without the infuser, and the brand claims the mug will keep your drink warm for up to 12 hours.

To find the best travel coffee mugs, we picked from top-rated brands with rave customer reviews, researched critical features and determined overall value. When narrowing the list, we chose picks to suit various lifestyles, drink choices and also included several size options.

Makes fresh coffee or tea anywhere in just 10 minutes. Stainless Steel Travel Mug, French Press & Heater All-In-One. 14oz vessel with 12volt, 120watt heating element in base allows hot drinks to be made from scratch.

Admittedly, sometimes choosing the "best" model of a given product is a matter of extreme nuance, but in this case, it wasn't even close. Zojirushi's sleek travel mug was the top performer along every possible metric. After 5 hours, the liquid was still piping hot. The screw-on lid was infallible and yet easy to drink from, with a spring-loaded button that opens the lid, and a lock feature to prevent it from being jostled open when in the closed position. (Let it be a testament to my faith in these mechanisms that I put the Zojirushi full of coffee in an overnight bag along with my clothing for a train ride out of town.) Regardless of this additional measure of security, the slim design made it easy to operate one-handed while not risking control of the mug. For the aesthetically conscious, the Zojirushi stainless mug comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns.

Yeti is a trusted brand in insulation, making everything from large coolers to picnic wine tumblers. So it's no surprise that its travel coffee mug offering is also a worthy investment. Its Rambler series mugs are shatterproof, and double-walled, with a twist and press-on lid which includes a sliding piece to allow you a sip.

Yeti has the widest variety where size and features are concerned, however, offering hot mugs in 10, 14, 20, 24, and 30-oz options, in about a dozen colors, and being among the only brands here to offer travel mugs with handles. Yeti's 20-oz Rambler also offers a tapered bottom with a high handle, formatted perfectly for your car's drink holder.

Good news for the travel-mug curious, or those with a tendency to lose things like travel mugs, Contigo's inexpensive West Loop model was also among the best performers on this list, and might be something you just find on the shelf at your local department store or pharmacy. Utterly leakproof, the West Loop was on par with heavy-hitters Yeti and S'well in its ability to keep coffee relatively hot. Its contour is also especially user-friendly, with a narrow neck that makes for both a solid grip and easy one-handed operation with an autoseal function that includes a button at the back of the bottle that reveals the opening for sipping on the lid. A locking mechanism on the lid keeps the hole closed even if the autoseal button gets bumped. Its colorful models are a little more expensive, but a basic black model will cost you little more than $15, making it one of the best value mugs on this list.

A travel coffee mug must do at least 2 things extremely well: keep your coffee hot, and keep it from spilling all over your bag/car/desk. Additionally, matters of size, aesthetics, ease of cleaning, and one-handed operability may be factors to consider. Our list was assembled based on CNET's previous picks, those that have been well-vetted by other review sites and appear repeatedly on best lists, and best-selling and consistently highly-rated models at major retailers such as Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyondle and Target.

Most travel coffee mugs claim to keep liquids "hot" for about 5-6 hours. To test this, I filled each of the models here with 170-degree liquid and measured the temperature after both 3 hours and 5 hours. Lids for travel mugs tend to fall in 1 of 2 camps, either some sort of threaded, screw-on mechanism or else a plastic and rubber twist/press-on lid that creates a vacuum seal. To test for leakproofness, I repeatedly upended each mug while full, looking for even a hint of a dribble.

It is mostly recommended to wash travel mugs and their lids in the sink with warm, soapy water. Of the models listed here, only the Yeti and Contigo give their full blessing as being dishwasher safe. Miir suggests that its Flip Traveler is dishwasher safe, but with an asterisk, recommending sink washing as a better practice as to not ruin its exterior. Zojirushi, Keep Cup, Hydro Flask and S'well all are marked as not dishwasher safe.

All of the travel mugs included here are BPA-free, which is a highly chemically processed form of plastic. To that degree they are environmentally safe, and to the degree which they reduce the number of paper, plastic, and styrofoam disposable cups, they are extremely good for the environment.

One of the most important items to have in the kitchen are coffee mugs, which are often used daily to enjoy a delicious cup of java. For motorcycle fans, it can be fun to own mugs that show off their love of Harley-Davidson with cool and edgy styles. Each Harley-Davidson coffee cup features cool and classic details that motorcycle enthusiasts can enjoy using.

Whether it's time to restock the kitchen with new motorcycle mugs or invest in quality products that can last long-term, our inventory has something for everyone. Many of our Harley-Davidson tumblers feature the iconic Harley-Davidson logo, making it easy to show off a classic motorcycle coffee cup that is timeless. 041b061a72


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